Home Security 

Pattaya is a relatively safe place to live but like any city it is wise to have security in place at your  residence so as to avoid any possibility of intrusions. 
Most condo dwellers should already be in good stead as far as security is concerned. That’s because condo developers have security firmly down as one of their selling points. Most will have a 24 hour manned guardhouse at the entrance to the property with several other guards on routine patrol. Look for a card key system and camera system to be in place at the car park entrance so as to ensure your car is safe whilst on the premises. Some condos will provide an entry slip for visitors and will inspect longer term car parking key cards for residents. 
Inside a condo building look for the entrance door to be fitted with a key card system and for lifts to have both CCTV and key card activation in them. You may not be able to achieve every single thing on the list, but the more the better. 
As a condo owner or tenant you can do other things to ensure safety and security. Even though the condo management may have everything in place to deter would be intruders you can never rule out the ill intentions of another condo dweller who will of course have the same access to the residential areas of the building as you will. 
Look to fit a sturdy front door, which does not have a panel design. The reason for this is that paneled doors have beveled edges and here the wood is very thin and can be compromised. Instead fit a solid wood door that is 4 cm thick all over, or more. Whilst featureless it will be safer. With the door in place it is worth having double locks in the center and an additional two locks on the door, one about six inches from the top and one about six inches from the bottom. This will prevent anyone forcing the door at those places, which with a heavy door can be possible if there is only one small lock in place at the centre. 
A gate can also be placed over the front door as long as the condo management allow this. Some condos don’t though due to them being unsightly. It is another reason why a sturdy front door is all important. 
Be sure to check that balcony doors are locked at all times and that valuables are not on display at any time. You may think that no one will climb the outside of the building but a look a town houses in urban areas will show that balconies are commonly gated off right up to the forth or fifth floor. Intruders may also be able to gain access from neighboring rooms so the balcony area is worth protecting. 
Although you may find that a nice airflow can be provided by keeping your condo’s front door open, the downside is that it gives passers by a good view of what you have in your dwelling. Instead look to fit a fan for airflow and keep the door closed so that you can maintain your privacy. 
For house owners there may be a few more things to consider. That’s because access to a house is easier considering that it is at ground floor level, as opposed to condo units that can be high up. 
Be sure that if your house is in a housing project that parking and other gate restrictions are in place and that guards do indeed patrol the grounds on a 24 hour basis. 
Whether or not your house is in a secure compound, high walls are a good start as they deter intruders. A look at high end houses that are on main streets or in sois that are not managed by a housing project will show the kinds of security measures that homeowners are taking. 
Walls are typically 6 feet high with some ornate but also very effective metal spikes at the top. 
A lighting system that turns its self on by way of a motion sensor control unit will also help to deter would be intruders as this should startle them and make them think twice. With lights in mind it is worth investing in randomly timed lights in the house that turn on and off at various times to give the illusion 
that someone is in the property. 
An alarm system will also achieve much the same as outside lighting. Be sure to have it set to go off if there is tampering with window locks or doors on the property, as well as any movement at the top of perimeter walls. It will mean having multiple sensors installed around the house and also at some key locations inside the dwelling too. 
A CCTV camera system is quite inexpensive and can be used in a house to ensure that the place is secure. Some of these have intruder alert software that can detect movement. They can also be connected not only to closed circuit display monitors but also to your smart phone and/or directly to a 
the housing project guardhouse or a police station. Thus you can have the place attended to even in your absence. 
With all the above in place you should be able to not only enjoy a secure lifestyle but also be at ease knowing that security is in place.