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The Best Camera is the one you have with you!” the saying goes!

By Paul Rogers

“The Best Camera is the one you have with you!” the saying goes! That is very true but let's take a look at another scenario: images for a condo advert etc. All you have to do is point it in the right direction? Uhm… well, yes but there is another factor, lighting. For sure your mega-expensive DSLR will take an amazing picture but will it make a picture fit for your listing?

The problem starts when you look at exactly what the DSLR Camera will see compared to what the Camera phone will see. Aside from the fact that with a DSLR you have the ability to strap a big Flash on top, the mobile phone generally has this facility but nowhere near powerful enough. Add to this the tiny size of the aperture on the phone and the limitation in size of the flash and you start to see why the phone camera has to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

A mid-price DSLR Camera will take great pictures and try and reproduce exactly what you can see through the viewfinder, this is part of the art of a good photographer. However, in our scenario with real estate images, we need good overall lighting that will highlight the rooms without all that expensive equipment and gadgetry! The camera phone will present you with an image that it thinks you will like, compensating in areas where it thinks it's too dark and increase exposure. When it's too dark, i.e. taking the photo across the bedroom looking towards the balcony window while the sun is setting it will compensate for you only in that specific region of the image and reduce exposure there whilst leaving the shaded area as you walk in slightly overexposed. The trickery happens with the phone dividing the image up into a grid and adjusting each area appropriately. with the more advanced camera phones now you can use the camera with all the familiar settings you would find in a DSLR, but for our case, full auto will work best.

Assuming you want to take images not just of a room but landscapes and a friend’s party etc. will a good mobile phone camera beat a DSLR? Well, ultimately no that is not to say they don't take good photos they are good but the DSLR is going to win nearly every time, but bear in mind the mobile phone is convenient, compact and usually in your pocket. In fact because it is usually in your pocket, a bag or in your hand it will often get dirty. Dirt, dust, grease and fingerprints on your lens with have a big effect on the quality of your photos and there’s no point trying to take great photos if the glass of the lens is dirty. It will block light from entering the camera’s sensor and leave smudges, blurs or dust spots on your images. Therefore, a clean lens will ensure you get sharp, clear images when using your phone’s camera.

You should also hold the phone with both hands or rest it on a solid surface to keep it steady and

resist the urge to use too many apps or overly strong effects when editing your photos. A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking that using photo editing apps will turn a bad photo into a good one. It won’t so edit your photos with restraint and dial back the settings if you think you’ve gone overboard.

However, if remembering those tips when using your phone’s camera I will say purely in terms of convenience Yes!

The Best Camera is the one you have with you !