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How Secure Is Your Dwelling?

By Kevin Cain

Modern condominium developments have excellent building security, normally with a manned foyer and twenty four hour security guards. Entrances to units is often keyless by using a fob type smart card and communal areas are constantly monitored by CCTV. This normally provides an excellent security level for the apartment owners who are willing to pay a premium for such advanced developments that offer these services. But what is the case if you live in an older condominium development or a house? And how much value do you place on your security?

Home Security

There are obviously two areas that need to be addressed for the security of the building, namely the interior and the exterior. Both zones have slightly different security aspects to them. The exterior is all about keeping people out and monitoring intruders, the interior is more concerned with the protection of the individual and their possessions.Obviously these two zones should interact and the security devices should be connected to each other.

In the case of a smart home this is exactly what happens, plus the security element is also part of the overall building control system with HVAC, entertainment, lighting, fire protection etc.

Is Home Security Expensive

How long is a piece of string? Indeed there are many high-tech security systems on the market that can cost an arm and a leg, but that should not deter you from seeking out an affordable level of protection.For instance exterior lighting connected to a movement sensor is an excellent way of keeping the inquisitive at bay. Most intruders are opportunists, and if they are suddenly illuminated for all to see, normally they will move onto another target. Exterior lighting can be really inexpensive and you don’t necessarily need to be technically savvy to install it.

Motion sensors connected to alarm sirens or bells on doors and windows will not cost a fortune and will certainly draw attention to the fact that something is amiss with your property, connecting these loud sirens to the exterior lighting would be a formidable deterrent. Admittedly these sort of deterrents are just to bring a scare factor to potential intruders and do not actually secure your building.

So to keep intruders out and prevent them from breaking into your property you need to ensure every entrance is properly secure. This means all windows and doors have effective locks and alarms. This is where security equipment can start to rise in price and needs proper installation by a recognised company, that can also offer a warranty.

Where Do You Start?

If your property has no security whatsoever apart from a front door lock, how do you go about protecting your home? Fistly it is a good idea to make a list of both your most vulnerable areas in your home and the items / areas that you wish to protect the most.Then divide your property into zones, and grade them from 1-5, with 5 being the most important. Obviously you can then concentrate on the most important areas and spend most of your budget on them.Important zones include entrance points to the building, safes, etc. less important areas may be laundry or utility rooms.

It might be a good idea at this point to enlist the help of a dedicated security adviser who can inform you of the most effective types of products to protect your home. As although you may be able to determine what or where needs protecting, you will not know the best products and security devices to achieve the level of security you desire. Companies in Pattaya such as ProSecure are specialists in home security, they have advisors who know the most effective products on the market, and also the vulnerable areas in your house that thieves target the most often.

Are you protected from fire ?

No doubt smoke alarms save lives. They need to be properly installed and maintained because if there is a fire in your home quite simply the smoke alarms give you time to get out.

Large homes may even have smoke alarms that are interconnected so when one sounds they all do. However the most important thing to remember is to regularly check they are working ideally by testing them once a month.

What Type Of Security Products Are Available?

Technology is ever changing in the world of home security and smart homes, and the equipment available is getting more and more advanced and complex. Because of this functionality is ever increasing and the things you can do to protect and control your home are boundless.There are systems available that operate with one central control panel and this will have numerous zones that can be individually programmed to achieve different functions within a building.

Other systems have dispersed intelligence that do not have a central control panel or a computer driving the system. Each component of the system will have a computer chip and an IP address and be individually programmed to act as part of a complete and integrated system.Products that you might have considered were only for Sci-Fi films such as eye retina door access, voice activated lights, pre-programmable entertainment modes, mobile phone or internet remote control……..the list is as endless as your imagination.

What all this means to the house owner is that you can provide a level of protection for your home the like of which has never been seen before. As for the expense, well, as with everything there is a cost but that must be balanced by how much you value the safety of your family, possessions and privacy.

If this article has awoken thoughts about your own properties’ security, then it may be a good course of action to contact one of the specialists in Pattaya who can come and survey your home. Tony at Prosecure Pattaya can offer expert advice on how to secure your dwelling and offer you a free no obligation quote as to what it would all cost. Contact him at

tony@as-prosecure.com or by phone on 0953636395