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Tropical Garden Landscapes in Thailand – Meet Thailand’s Favourite Landscaping Company - Thai Garden Design

Any great garden landscape requires more than just a few nice plants and features, and landscape design in Thailand is very different from that in other parts of the world. Some serious, dedicated observation is required. Here at Thai Garden Design (www.thaigardendesign.com) we’ve been designing and building garden landscapes in Thailand for over twenty years, and so can offer a welcome, informed, and professional landscaping service that gets things right the first time.

We’ve come to the realization that understanding the requirements of our customers is essential in helping them build their dream gardens. Different customers, from all walks of life, have huge differences in taste and style, and we’ve dealt with just about all of them. From designing of normal domestic settings, to ultra-modern condo sales offices, car showrooms, hotel courtyards, resort landscapes and tropical roof gardens, we’ve come across every situation possible in the Kingdom of Thailand.With years of experience in tropical gardens, we are able to design for all the natural characteristics that make up the essence of any Thai landscape: terrain, topography, soil quality, prevailing winds, depth of the water line, and of course, we are expert at employing the complicated palette of tropical plants, trees and grasses that make Thai gardens really stand apart from the rest of the tropical world.

One of our major areas of expertise is improving the gardens of residential customers in newly built homes and estates. Due to various building practices in Thailand, removal of earth from the house plot is sometimes necessary, due to poor quality fill. Rocks, rubbish and various other builders waste is often left buried, affecting the performance and lifespan of plants and trees. We also find that many newly built homes have bad drainage and poor sloping, so often grading is the first step to building an amazing new garden for our customers

In the twenty years we’ve been operating in Thailand, we’ve developed solid knowledge in constructing ‘all things garden’ – water ponds and features are a recognized specialty of ours. We are experts in building bespoke Thai sala’s and ornamental pergolas, no matter the size requirement shape or purpose.

We’ve installed sprinkler systems for all landscape sizes, from domestic gardens to large factories and In the last few years, the growth and use of artificial grass has exploded. We’ve installed entire garden lawns with artificial turf, and helped many a golfer in Pattaya to have a putting green installed in their back yard, so they can have a drink outside and practice with friends. Artificial grass is also popular on roof gardens and terraces, where the owners prefer the vibrant green colour of grass without the need for maintenance.

Keeping a nice, picturesque garden in Thailand offers many challenges. Thailand’s volatile climate  means that plants, earth, grass and garden structures all have to be planned and installed accordingly. This is our forte. We’ve worked for companies across Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, and have flown our team abroad to work in the improvement of resort gardens in the Andaman Islands and Europe.

We operate throughout Thailand, and pride ourselves on our design expertise, backed up with attractive rates and pricing. No job is too small, so, if you own a garden in Pattaya, that could use some help, you’ve found us!

Visit our website at www.thaigardendesign.com to see all our work over the last few years,

or call Ben Shingleton on 083 885 9304 for a chat about your requirements and preferences.