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The Jomtien Property Market Outlook

The outlook for the Jomtien market looks very bright with a number of recent surveys showing good development activity in the area and increasing buyer demand. Jomtien does have the benefit of being able to offer a very long stretch of beach compared to Pattaya's limited bay size. It also has relatively sparse development compared to the city centre, and so inland there are plenty of opportunities for new residential projects to flourish.

Indeed, there is a lot of southerly expansion to Pattaya. Given the central area is already running out of land due to being fully developed and the north has very little land available anyway due to its relatively small size, it is little wonder the Jomtien area is seeing so much activity. Add to this the fact that Jomtien enjoys very good transport links to Pattaya, the area is well worth investigating if you are looking for your next condo investment.

The Jomtien second road did a lot for the area. Even though development was initially slow to materialize around the second road, there definitely appears to be much catching up occurring currently. One of the reasons for some of the slow development around Jomtien second road was likely due to the fact that the beach road still had a good number of plots along the central and southern areas that were snapped up early as the infrastructure was being laid. This led to a southerly expansion of Jomtien with branded developments such as the LPN Jomtien being built much further down the beach road than might have previously been expected.

These properties can boast sea views and beachside living though they are starting to be found quite far from Pattaya city and so may well be found to be in a new locale all of their own, where Jomtien, and notably not just Jomtien beach, becomes its own place and is distinct from Pattaya as a whole. Beach road properties are now very much sought after, but there remains a lot of choice for would-be property buyers with properties extending right the way to the end of the beach road as it veers left to rejoin the main Sukhumvit highway close to the Ambassador complex.

Still, Jomtien second road is now seeing plenty of development of its own and it does mean there are properties available that are much closer to Pattaya than the aforementioned beachside abodes. Not only has it opened up a very valuable corridor between the second road and the beach, but also has enabled land to become usable on the eastern side of the second road. Even though this is farther from the beach the total distance is still barely 800 metres and so buyers can still consider they are buying a beachside property.

A number of small sois have come into play and new projects have been started as recently as last year in the area. There are a number of high-rise condos on the cards, such as the Sky by Matrix, a 30-floor condo project that will house around 300 condominium units and will feature
shopping and dining venues as well as a gym and a good-sized swimming pool. Much of the recent wave of development appears to be occurring due to the fact that easily accessible land is still available in the area.

The widening of Thappraya Road also has enabled Jomtien to flourish, as has the one-way system in South Pattaya that feeds traffic into the Third Road and provides for a more even flow than could have been attained from some of the smaller roads that were previously carrying two-way traffic. Although there are now more traffic lights on the route, most of the journey from Jomtien second road to south Pattaya is along a highway with few stops and that is wide enough along its entire length such that traffic can flow quite well even at peak times. This is in contrast to some of the areas around central and north Pattaya where long queues of traffic are forming at intersections that cannot be overhauled in the same way.

Thappraya Road is home to a number of established condos, such as the well-located View Talay condos that are just about in Jomtien but also situated slightly more northerly than the northern tip of the beach. Beach access is easy, as is access to the city and this area may be worth another look as there is vacant land still in the vicinity that may well be developed in the future. A look also at Thepprasit Road and its western end may reveal more land plots that might come into play for easy access to Jomtien beach too.

With a good choice of condos starting at around 1.5 million baht, and rising to 10 million or above, Jomtien provides visitors and residents alike with affordable real estate as well as all the facilities anyone could want from the local area. A good connection to the city centre for those without their own transport, using taxis or baht buses, is in existence and depending on how far south you reside you should be able to get into Pattaya city centre from many parts of Jomtien in just 20 to 30 minutes in most cases.

The future for the area could include even more southerly expansion. Jomtien second road currently stops short of serving the entire length of Jomtien beach. If it was extended it would open up more new land areas at the southern end of the beach, albeit inland somewhat. Further south there are already planned retail outlets and a water park under construction on the way to Bang Saray. Eventually, Jomtien could merge with the already existing residential area that is served by the Sukhumvit highway beyond the southern end of the beach road. The entire area certainly has room to grow and it is doing just that.