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The Importance of Interior Design

By Jack Miles

Interior design can make all the difference to a property. Whether it is old or new on the outside you can make it modern and chic on the inside with relatively little outlay as long as the design concept is right.

For a condo, consider a larger than normal entrance door as this will add grandeur. For open spaces inside, a pale yellow colour scheme for walls will be well received since this will allow the rooms to be bright and airy and will move them into a more futuristic look as compared to white only which is more a colour of yesteryear. Accessories will be very important so well chosen paintings, mirrors table lamps and other artistic extras will go a long way to changing a room from quite nice, but plain, to very classy.

The correct choice of furniture in a lounge setting is key. Be sure to choose a wide sofa. High backs on the sofa and chairs ooze class but low-slung sofas are considered more modern. Much depends upon whether you want to go with a classic interior design or a more modern one. Cream and red are good colours for sofas as they fit well with bright walls. Try to consider laying a wooden floor in dark tones or light tones, avoiding the mid browns where possible. A rug that sports a design that has straight lines or arcs would go well. With it you can almost mix modern and classic designs in one stroke. Skirting boards make all the difference in any room and so it is important to have these fitted in the same colour as the floor. If you have tiles already on the floor then it would be worth considering fitting skirting boards with tiles using a dark wood finish so that there is a contrast between the walls and the floor itself.

In a kitchen, appliances will be instrumental to any interior design but so will the cabinets themselves. A sure fire colour scheme is a black granite work surface with light or dark wood cupboard doors for above and below the working area. If granite cannot be used then a dark word veneer or resin covering can also be used and although these are not as hardwearing as granite they should last quite a long time nonetheless. The most up to date colour for appliances is silver, and particularly a brushed aluminium or steel finish. You can see this is in vogue due the shift from white goods to silver goods in electrical home ware outlets such as is the case with the microwave market and the refrigerator market. Whereas most microwave models used to be white with just the odd silver model on offer, now there seems to be shift from manufactures to create silver models and these are arguably in the majority with white units now left to linger on the shelves. Fortunately you can choose a silver microwave and fridge and find that it will match all other appliances in the kitchen including a built in oven, hob, overhead extraction fan, coffee maker, toaster etc. Silver looks good with black so this fits in well with the black worktop. The two colours have been good long time bedfellows. Accent the workspace by using stainless steel bars and silver coloured utensils hanging from them as a finishing touch.

A bathroom can also benefit from interior design even though it mainly entails fixed assets being in place. For tiling look to incorporate floor to ceiling tiling in white with white grout or if possible choose tiles where grout hardly shows. Other colours such as very light grey or very light cream will also look good. You can add a touch of class by breaking up the tiles with ornate strips in a graphite or green colour or just mosaics of light and dark tan designs. If you want to make a departure from white then grey tiles look elegant as do green and orange colour schemes. For the floor look to use rustic clay style tiles which can make a good contrast to the walls and can also be chosen such that they don’t get so slippery when wet.

The all-important mirror should be as large as possible taking up the entire width of the room and should have backlighting around all sides so that it forms a modern centrepiece. The shower door should be in frosted glass so that there is opacity to it. Look to fit an oversized bath if there is room, one with a slight L shape to it will make the bathroom look classy as it is unusual and will highlight the fact that there is a larger than normal bathtub in place. A corner bathtub can be installed but some care is required to ensure that the bathroom is large enough to accommodate it without it crowding the space. Look to ensure the bathtub doesn’t take up more than thirty per cent of the floor space of the bathroom. Modern taps and other fittings such as soap and shampoo trays and towel rails should all be in place and matching with each other. These can make a big difference in the look and feel of the space, as they will become focal points in what is otherwise is a fairly monotone space.

For a bedroom, the bed is all-important. A mid height bed will look grand in any room and if it has some classic design embedded in the head board and base board then it will ooze grandeur. Look for carved wooden beds that will be able to become a centrepiece of the room. Pushing the head of the bed into a sunken archway in the wall will also complete the look and make the room appear as if it has been fully thought out before any furniture was purchased. For this you can build an archway directly into one of the walls by adding a false wall across the room. The archway need only be 30 cm or so thick to give it that chic feel. Wooden carved bedside cabinets that are similar to the bed design will look elegant. Choose the same wood colour so that everything matches. Glass tops on top of the wooden surfaces will ensure the bedside cabinets are hardwearing but will also add a touch of class to them. Be sure to consider a built in wardrobe in the room. Sliding doors in a wardrobe will mean you wont have to have extra space in the room itself to open the doors, and are at the same time quite a nice touch. Using mirrors on the doors will allow you to make the room look larger. Other mirrors can be wall-mounted or as part of a make up table that can be incorporated into the room using the same design traits as the bedside tables and bed itself.

There are plenty of publications on interior design but the best way to get a good feel for it is to visit some condo showrooms. Developers want to sell their condos and they have large budgets directed to interior designers in order to make their properties show up in the best light. Each developer is trying to improve on their competitor’s offerings and so you can be sure that what you see will be the most up to date interior design ideas on the market.