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Bathroom designers tell us that 2017 is going to be marked by the return to the organic and all-natural. Bathroom style”s direction will be: super clean colours, seamless lines and useful, simple arrangement of space with the dash of natural coziness and elegance. 

The classic decoration of black and white is still a hit but grey will also be extremely popular this year and for those who prefer brighter colours as an accent lemon, emerald, turquoise, blue and amber are all on trend.


In bathrooms, tile is going everywhere. Many designers and homeowners find that it’s a minor splurge to buy enough to cover the walls of a relatively small or medium-size bathroom. Slate tiles particularly are going to be very popular because although grey may sound dull it performs wonderfully in a rich selection of shades and hues. It adds moody or tranquil, stylish or dynamic ambiance to any premise. Subway Tiles are also a strong favourite with designers this year.  


A material that brings the domain of nature timber along with stone, metal and ceramics will be used extensively in bathroom design. However 2017 will also see the more unusual usage of wood for example as a material for bathtubs. The presence of the clean, fresh texture of wood into the design brings not only a luxurious touch but also helps make the premise an great spot for rest and relaxation.


As well as wood the rich tactile sensation of stone surfaces give a natural feel to bathroom designs and focusing on the style of bringing the outside in. In fact the juxtaposition of wood and stone to synthetics is avery clever combination and allows for many variations in design. Floors covered with pebbles is another stylistic solution with the tactile feel of walking along a rocky beach.


Marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in hues of brass and gold (a stylish return to the 70’ts aesthetic) are to be found in many new bathroom projects. In fact brass is growing to be the new most fashionable metal for bathrooms and when combined with marble give an irresistible composition. A satin brass can complement any number of styles working well as it does with almost any colour of the rainbow.


It is estimated that of the homeowners upgrading their toilets with a remodel this year, 20 percent will choose a toilet with at least one high-tech feature. Some of these may include self-cleaning, overflow and anti-clog protection, motion-activated, self-deodorizer, hands-free flushing and even built-in-nightlight !


Lighting is also changing and the trend is now, instead of one main light source to apply multiple lighting devices highlighting separate areas.


Baths with unusual shapes will be extremely popular:: round, oval, egg-shaped and square the choice is limited only by preferences and size of bathroom.