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Redesigning Your Kitchen

By Kevin Cain

One of the most impressive spaces in your house to revamp and redesign is your kitchen. Modern kitchens are now one of the key areas of the household and often it is now the focal room for people to congregate in.

It is with little doubt that this is the reason why most owners choose to update their kitchens more than any other room in the house.

The vast array of fixtures and fittings available for the modern kitchen is staggering, from the most ultra modern ovens and white good to the must have gadgets that will juice your fruit or pour you that obligatory coffee.

However, there are many tips that can give your kitchen a new lease of life without having to break the bank. Here are some of the more innovative ideas for your kitchen revamp;


Paint the Furniture

The furniture and cabinets are the most visible elements of the room. A very cheap way of transforming the kitchen is by painting the furniture.

Kitchen-adapted paints exist, that are resistant to stains and household products. Play with the colours, try washes and mixtures of colours.

The overall effect will be quite dramatic as it will change the look of your kitchen immensely as the amount of colour will be expansive.


Change Knobs and Handles

You can also change the look of your cabinets to something that smacks of quality and money by simply changing the knobs and handles on the furniture.

New classic, original, modern or colourful handles will make your existing cabinets look brand new. These small accessories stand out dramatically from the furniture and can give those faded old cabinets a whole new look.


Change Chairs

The kitchen chairs are a large part of your overall kitchen furniture. Swapping them over for something more in keeping with your new look kitchen will definitely provide a wow factor.Also perching on a wooden stool at a counter can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly so you may want to opt for upholstered chairs with backs. Also remember you live in a hot country and steer away from vinyl or plastic — peeling yourself off a sweaty chair is appealing to no one.

Choose a unique table to go with your new chairs as this will give an overall dining area experience and somewhere where you can entertain guests.

A new table and chairs can add that spot of designer look into your kitchen. It can transform your space into ultra modern or old world cosy.


Swap Taps

When it comes to kitchen fitting there is a massive amount of choice available. From the ultra modern to a more rustic and basic look.

You need not change your whole sink arrangement, just have the courage to pick a new basin tap that is stunningly unique. Perhaps a matt black look or an ultra modern colour, guaranteed to transform the sink area.



If painting the kitchen furniture seems just too much like hard work. then perhaps address the space between the units to add colour. Concentrate on the part of the wall just above the countertops, this by itself will rework the overall look. Special paints that are washable will make the job a breeze.

If you are looking for more texture then install wall coverings. A little more difficult than just easy painting but it will give a whole new effect and add the appearance of volume to your kitchen. There are many looks you can achieve doing this like; metallic, landscape, quotes or traditional.


Add Light

Adding new lighting will dramatically transform your kitchen and change the entire look. Lighting is expensive to purchase so design the areas you most wish to enhance and concentrate on that.

For a really special impact try some tiled light. You can install inexpensive backlit glass panels that will create very effective lighting around your countertops and workstation. This will give a very soft lighting effect that will not be harsh on the eye.


Carpets and Mats

A cheap and effective way to add warmth and texture to your kitchen is by adding carpets and mats to the room.

By choosing smaller rugs and mats you can mix up the colours dramatically and make the space look larger than it is.

Also try different weaves and types of materials the mats are made of, this will provide a very eclectic and modern look.



A clock is a simple but very noticeable addition to any kitchen. You can make a clock the feature piece of any wall.

By choosing an ultra modern timepiece you can design the walls and pain jobs to augment it's effect. Don't just buy the cheapest clock you can find, it is much more than an article to tell the time. Make it a statement in your kitchen that visitors cannot help to notice.


Install Some Railing

Try adding some inexpensive railing or funky shelving to your wall space to show off those expensive kitchen toys and gadgets that you own.

Most cooks need their utensils close to hand and railing is an ideal way to have all your necessary tools readily available so you do not have to hunt through crowded drawers.


Replace your backsplash tiles

Use a hammer and flat bar to pry off existing tiles one at a time and then scrape the backsplash area clean with a wide blade scraper. Then mis a thin set mortar and apply it to the wall with a trowel then wait 30 minutes. Then rub this down until perfectly smooth using a wet sponge and your flat trowel.

It would then be a good idea to lay out your tiles as per the blackspash area’s width and height so you can cut them to size where necessary using a manual tile cutter or wet saw.

Then apply a thin set mortar to the prepped wall with the trowel and press the tiles into the mortar. Allow the mortar to cure and then fill in the joints with grout. It is also a good idea once the grout is cured to protect it from staining by applying a liquid silicone sealer.

These DIY ideas are a starting point for you to consider how to achieve a new look kitchen. Most of the ideas are relatively cheap to undertake and will make a dramatic new effect to your favourite room.

Visitors and guests will be staggered at the transformation and will think that you have spent a fortune upgrading your kitchen.

You can sit back and relax in your new space with content knowing exactly the opposite is the truth.