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Let the light in but not the heat with Europvc and hurry because this month there's 20% off!

By Gloria Jones

The Trader went to visit Europvc a local company with over 25 years experience in the manufacturing and installation of best quality UPVC windows and doors. They have had their Pattaya showroom in its current location on the corner of Soi 34 Sukhumvit road (between Pattaya central junction and Pattaya North junction) since 2007 and during all this time have acquired many satisfied customers.Whether providing replacement windows and doors for individual home owners or working alongside developers on large scale projects their 10 year guarantee makes them an extremely reputable firm. This is further backed up by the quality of all the European materials they use such as the window and door profiles by Aluplast. This is a company that appeared in the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany in both 2016 and 2017 and have Europvc as their approved and certified supplier here in Thailand..

Aaron from Europvc told me that over 10 years ago when the company first formed he picked up a copy of The Pattaya Trader to look at all the developers in the Property section and it was from this listing that he got his first business in the area. Andrew Neely of Oceans Edge Condominium was one such contact and so delighted has he been with the collaboration that he says of Europvc “cost is always a factor, but more important to me is the quality,reliability and aftersales service that they offer”.

So why should you be looking at Europvc when it comes to buying new windows? Aluplast have produced upvc profiles to cope with the high UV levels that we face here in a tropical climate, so windows are guaranteed not to twist and warp or discolour. All of the windows and doors are fitted with tinted glass which in turn, protects soft furnishings from turning yellow.

Reduce your home's energy consumption

then you will cut down your electricity usage drastically reducing your bills - good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Many people assume that double glazing is only used ‘to keep heat in’ and so isn’t necessary in tropical climates but the same properties that allow double glazing to keep a home in Europe warm throughout the winter are the same that will keep your home cool in Thailand all year round.

Great windows and doors will also help to

Reduce noise

The air space between the 2 panes as well as providing the maximum efficiency in air-con insulation also allows for noise reduction which is crucial for any of us living in the more lively and raucous parts of Pattaya. You might also want to;

Protect your home from intruders large and small

For as we mention on page 55 Dengue fever is on the increase and now more than ever getting fly screens fitted is important in keeping those pesky mosquitoes out Europvc have Concertina Fly Screens perfect for large openings and doors and also retractable roller fly screens. As with everything they provide these and a surveyor will come to your home to expertly measure and discuss a convenient fitting schedule with you.e concerned

The larger intruders (burglars) - in nearly all cases gain entry through the window so secure safety glass is what you need For example have laminated glass which is held in place by an interlayer that keeps the glass bonded. So even when broken.it holds together in a “spider web” cracking pattern when the impact is not enough to completely pierce the glass. That coupled with multipoint locking on both windows and doors will mean that those ugly bars that you might have inherited can now be taken away.

This in turn will

Improve the look of your property

As not just removing bars but adding good looking windows and doors to your house or condo will altogether improve its overall appearance and add value if you are looking to sell on. Therefore it is no false economy to look at your glazing now and in the long run the cost savings will make you glad you did.