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View Talay 6

By Matias Berra and Cando Properties

This property is hands down one of the most popular condos in Pattaya and possibly has the highest rent-yield in the whole of Sin-city. It is practically packed all year around with a mix of long term tenants and short time visitors who tend to rent it just for a few months at the time. The fact is an older property means the building itself is strongly built and with a good track records when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

The center of Pattaya

The old saying 'Location, location location' still applies and it's rather paramount in this particular case. Located in between soi 2 and beach road (with easy access to both) and a very short walking distance to soi Bukao means the View Talay 6 is the perfect spot for all holiday visitors. Add this to the fact Central World festival is right next door and you have the perfect combination of accessibility and entertainment options. In Andy's (sole owner of CanDo Properties) own words: “this property is right in the middle of Pattayas down town”

The facilities and features of the area:

With a couple small coffee shops, a large pool overlooking beach road and Central World less than 50 meters away, the View Talay 6 certainly has a wide range of options for tenants to spend their day comfortably. Though not technically a facility of the property, the fact the beach is less than 60 meters away is always a popular factor with foreigners. Along the same lines, bars on Soi 2, Soi Bukao and walking street are all within easy reach for those looking for the nightlife Pattaya is so famous for.

You can easily catch a baht bus on either Soi 2 or beach road making this condominium very accessible to all. If you happen to have a motorbike or a car then things become that much easier to move around and go anywhere you wish. What else could you ask for right?