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Trend Alert: New and Promising Investment Opportunities Surrounding Major Golf Areas

by Thailand-Property.com

For those looking to invest in property surrounding Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, it won’t take long to notice that there’s a very strong interest in golf in the region. The interest is so strong that real estate developers have been targeting major golf areas for new projects.


A key example demonstrating this trend is the Phoenix Golf Club, which is now quickly becoming one of the most notable areas to watch for residential development and investment opportunities.


The Phoenix Golf Club was recently purchased and it’s clear that the new owner recognised the real estate development potential here, having not wasted any time pouring money and professional expertise into the new course. Today, there are several recent developments with spectacular home design and construction inside Phoenix Golf Club; each being very large and luxurious million-dollar-plus estate homes with impressive architectural design.


One of the homes is a very large two-storey home, complete with super-high ceilings and an exterior structure made of concrete and steel. With its impressive modern design, it also has a spectacular view over its own private swimming pool and looks out across one of the beautiful Phoenix Golf Club fairways. Another home in the area is the latest ‘dream home’ inside the club, which exudes a large, stately and traditional feel, as well as a highly designed and eye-catching exterior design.


As these developments, which are popping up all around Phoenix Golf Club, are either right next to the course or directly across the street, they are gaining attention from golf lovers who are looking to cash in on the leisure-sport lifestyle while still living in close proximity to the city of Pattaya.


The incredible residential and commercial growth seen all over the golf courses of the Eastern Seaboard is continuing to expand and the Phoenix Golf Club is certainly riding that wave of interest and investment coming into the region.