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Painting the interior of your condo


A repaint of a condo’s interior will be very effective at giving it that new look. That’s because stained walls or walls with discolored paintwork will make a place look very unappealing and since the marks can sometimes be hard to remove, a repaint may well be the answer.

When repainting a room you can take the opportunity to change the color scheme. White has been the mainstay of many condos over the years, but the newer colors that are in vogue include cream, pastille orange, yellow and other pastille colors. You might also elect to paint one wall a completely different color to the others, such as in a dark red, brown or burgundy color. This is commonly seen with new condos, but if you are unsure about doing such a thing it would not be unreasonable to just make all the walls the same color.

With colors in mind you can make your own colors at most paint shops that will offer you a color card and will then mix the paint accordingly. Choose emulsion for walls and ceilings alike. You could use a 3D modeling program to simulate different color designs before actually getting out your paintbrush so that you can be sure of the end result. Things such as floor coverings and colors can be input into the program so that your new color scheme will not be out of the place with any existing items.


Mask off with sheets or newspapers

Look to first mask off areas of the floor so that paint won’t spoil your ceramic tiles or wood floor coverings. Masking skirting boards is the next thing and this can be done with paper tape and paper or cardboard. Look to cover furniture with sheets so that they are protected.
You will probably find that the kitchen area will be the most difficult area to mask off as there are many elements to cover and they are typically of a large size. A sheet may not work so easily for built in kitchen furniture so you may need to mask with large pieces of paper. Newspaper can do a good job of this, but be aware that it can easily split so doubling up on the number of sheets might be a good idea. Masking off a kitchen area might take all day but at least you can then paint the kitchen knowing that there the units won’t be spoilt.

Preparing the walls and ceiling will be simply a case of a dry wipe to remove dust etc. Avoid wetting the walls as this will not be needed and wet walls wont adapt the paint as well as dry walls. When applying a new coat of paint, all marks should disappear anyway.


Start painting edges and corners

With the actual painting in mind the first areas to get right are the edges of the ceilings and walls where they join together. For this you will need to use a paintbrush as the roller will simply not reach right up to the corners due to the metal rod that holds the actual roller in place. Paint all the edges of the walls and ceilings so that you can then use the roller thereafter.

Roller painting will be a welcome step up from painting with a brush – you will get the feeling of really getting a lot done in short time after the detailed work with the corners. Indeed, the task may seem quite simple as you get started since you will probably cover a sizeable area when using a paint roller. Yet all the walls and ceiling areas combined add up to a lot of space to cover and so you may find that progress will be slow going. Still if you take a methodical approach you can make the process easier.


Paint ceilings before walls

Look to do the ceiling in one day using a stepladder and the extension on the paint roller. This can become quite arduous so it is wise to take a break if your muscles become stiff. On the second day you can attack the walls using a combination of roller only for low heights and the roller with extension handle for higher places.

You may need to spend two days painting walls if the condo is large or there are intricacies in the layout. Add to this a day or so for masking, a day for painting the ceiling as well as a day for planning. With this in mind, it can be seen that painting a condo in its entirety will take about a week. Allow two days for emulsion paint to dry. After this time you can enjoy your newly painted condo that will have taken on a completely fresh look.


Newspaper can do a good job masking off areas before painting

Tools you will need


Key to succeed is the tools in hand. You will need:

* Paint roller (or two) complete with extension tubes

* Paint brushes of various sizes

* Paint tray

* Adhesive masking paper tape

* Cardboard and/or newspaper

* Sheets

* Stepladder