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How to achieve 2018 interior design trends

By Virginia Ewart-James


Bring your home into 2018 with these interior design trends.

An increasing number of developers are kitting out their new condominiums with modern interior design trends. There is a move away from plain white walls and simple interiors. Show apartments are finished with flair to highlight the qualities of the unit and to create a comforting and enticing home. This is exactly the trend for 2018. There is heightened importance for comfort, however it needs to be teamed with sustainability.

Think wood.

For 2018 wood is for showing off. It creates warmth and has calming qualities. Not just used as a material to eat your food from or to hold your books, but a modern wooden bookshelf or even dining table can become a real focal point too. Make sure you pick a contemporary wood or one that is in its natural state rather than a shiny reproduction otherwise you could be on trend from times past.

Metal furniture.

In order to match your wood dining table pick matching furniture that is not fussy. Clean lines and with metal legs for your dining table or sofa will ensures neatness. An elegant look will be created without being too fussy.

Earthy colours.

Bold colours remain popular for 2018 but in a modern tone. Earthy colours such as dark reds, oranges and yellows will create a cozy feel but it is important to get the tone right rather than too bright as it will have a very different impact. For those feeling less brave opt for grays or even a terracotta. That way you can be sure you existing furniture is more likely to fit too.

Upholstery in suede and velvet.

For the ultimate in comfort opt for a suede or velvet sofa. It will create a soft feel to a room, not to mention be inviting as a place to kick back and relax.

Simple window dressings.

For 2018 you want to steer clear from anything that will become a feature, steering away from your new earthy interiors. Leave windows bare or opt for very simple window dressings instead. Simple curtains in a white or muted grey will ensure that they are discreet. You can finish them off with luxury leather ties or just choose minimalist wooden slatted blinds instead.

Use natural materials.

Continuing with the theme of earthiness opt for natural materials where you can. It will be in keeping with an earthy palette plus be sustainable too. Think leather, granite and even concrete. You can even use these materials for a feature wall. Choose a modern granite for your kitchen worktop. Or use leather as ties for your curtains or to suspend shelves from. Hints throughout your home will bring your interiors on trend. art of Dot Property Group Sites

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