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Hi-Tech Kitchens


Kitchens are definitely becoming high-tech hotbeds of late and so it is worth checking out all the things that can make your kitchen as up-to-date in terms  of the latest technology as possible.


An internet fridge may be a bit over the top for some, but sure enough fridges are sporting LCD screens, not only for internet usage, but also as control panels for the refrigerator’s functions. Therefore instead of going all the way with the newest fad, you can still enjoy technology on your fridge without it hurting your budget. Look for double-door models or those with draw spaces that can provide excellent storage options. Even the simplest technology can be the most rewarding.

Another item that has been slow to go high-tech is the overhead fan and hood. These were typically incorporating simple controls with buttons or switches, but some models now provide built-in LCD or LED screens showing fan speed, and providing info on a host of other items of interest such as the filter status and air-flow details. Look for new hoods to be fabricated with a glass surround as these have now become more in vogue, though there are still some models that have a clever design where by they fold away and an automatic switch turns on the unit as you pull it out of its hiding space. Great for compact studios or smaller kitchens in one bedroom condos.


Next on the list is the indication hob. Recent models of these have gone hi-tech also with digital readouts showing the temperature and other control status, though most still have LEDs showing the current heat setting. Look to install these into a worktop and retain a spare such that if one of them breaks down you have the exact same model to replace it with because models come and go and may be out of stock at a later date. Induction hobs are certainly more cost efficient to run as compared to ceramic hoods and also provide a lot more instantaneous cooking control, since ceramic hobs take time to heat up and cool down.

Next is something not traditionally associated with a gadgetry background, but is high-tech all the same  - the work top. Look for specially laminated work tops that can withstand hot pans and are also fully waterproof. Either that, treated marble or stone work tops should naturally provide the same durability. Look carefully at the specifications and consider performing tests on a showcase worktop at the shop to verify the claims that it is resistant to heat and moisture. A worktop with a long guarantee will be worth buying since this will already be made to be durable and if there are any problems with it you will have the warranty to fall back on.


Next up are the true kitchen gadgets that will help to make your kitchen high-tech all the way. High-tech coffee machines can provide a host of information about your daily cup of coffee before it is even made!  Look for new touch screen models that can automate the whole process from coffee bean grinding to the actual compression and water flow. There are plenty of new models on the market that provide great features such as self cleaning abilities, milk frothers and a plethora of different coffee making styles. Some of them are cleverly combining traditional designs with high tech extras, others are new designs that embrace the current trend.

A toaster might seem like a low tech product, but there are now models available that are high-tech in their abilities to provide you with the perfect piece of toast. Look for digital control models that can set the optimum toasting time and can also provide pre-heating trays.


For microwaves and ovens, these have been traditionally digitally controlled, but newer models have even greater levels of technology built in to them. For actual stand alone or built-in ovens be sure to buy a fan assisted oven preferably with two fans so that food can be evenly cooked by way of the fans creating the hot air flow to all parts of the cooking space. For microwaves it is possible now to find these with a regular fan-assisted oven combination built-in, but it may be better to use two separate units. Microwaves now boast a whole host of built-in pre-programmed cooking menus created to optimally cook all types of food. The technology has also moved from the outside of the oven to the inside, with new microwavable cookwear now providing excellent results for those looking to cook with simplicity and expecting perfection every time.

Not always thought of, but very important, is low-level lighting for kitchens. Look to install lighting that will give you the most flexible results. It is especially important since the kitchen is often used at night time and/or is typically not in a position where it enjoys much natural daylight. Strip lighting under shelving can give a good wide coverage of light, whereas spot lights can target light at specific areas and can easily be fitted into smaller spaces. Use a combination of the two to give you the most even coverage. A pre-programmed lighting panel can easily be bought and this will add a high tech edge to your kitchen but will also be very functional too, allowing you to recall  lighting patterns with ease.


Finally, storage has gone high-tech these days. Look to install hidden cupboards in corner spaces with rotating racks so you can make the best use of spaces that would normally be wasted. Multi-section draws are now arguably more popular than regular cupboards and can cut down a lot of clutter. These of course should be used at heights below eye level, i.e. in place of, or in combination with cupboards on floor level below work surfaces. Storage racks can be put on display above the work surface for spices and other well used ingredients. Hanging racks with utensils are also eye-catching and functional.

All-in-all it is easy to transform a kitchen into a high-tech space and may cost you a lot less than what you think.