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Get with the Gecko and appreciate the service.

Steve Scholey has worked in the Pattaya real estate environment for the past five years, in a sales and management capacity, and recently went out on his own, opening Gecko Properties.
It’s not as if the city hasn’t got plenty of estate agents already, but Steve believes Gecko can offer something that’s often talked about, but rarely properly fulfilled: customer service.
Drawing on his experiences in Pattaya, but also many years of involvement in the sales industry in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Steve decided the time was right to set up his own operation.
“Through my experience of working in and understanding the real estate industry in Pattaya, I noticed a lack of real customer service and professionalism, the common things like phone calls not being returned, no follow ups and such. Having always wanted to work for myself and knowing the high level of service that I pride myself on, I basically thought I could do it better than most real estate shops out there. I wanted to lead the team on a daily basis with a hands-on approach, so that the customer has the peace of mind knowing that the boss will either directly manage or oversee the whole process.”
He is set on turning new clients into long-term associates, the kinds of customers who will always bring their business to Gecko, and, through recommendations, also bring in their friends and acquaintances.
“In my opinion, service is the most integral part of any business. I want to provide a more personal style service, looking at the individual needs of my clients and catering to their needs. I would like my customers to walk away knowing that I have done everything that I can to provide them with the best service and leave no stone unturned to satisfy their needs in the property market.”
What may help Gecko stand out from the crowd is that they will be offering a full-scale real estate service, not simply specializing in one aspect or area of the Pattaya property market.
“The team at Gecko will service all aspects of the real estate industry in the Pattaya area and surrounds, including sales and rentals of condominiums, houses and land. New development projects and even business sales. With our extensive database of clients and properties, we will be able to target a wide range of properties, customers and buyers.”
As Steve stresses, the most important element is to select the right property for each individual and their needs.
On a more general note, Steve is upbeat about the property market in Pattaya. As he notes, “You can see by increasing number of tourists and expats coming to Thailand and particularly Pattaya every year that the property market here is still extremely strong. And why not, someone comes here for a holiday, realises what a fantastic city it is and would like to spend more time here either as a long-term expat or just holidaying on a more regular basis”.
For Pattaya, he says, “Whether it be a house, condo, somewhere just to stay for that short visit every few months, or whether it be as an investment
enjoying the generous returns that the Pattaya property market can provide, Gecko will be able to meet those needs.”
As Steve says, “Although prices are increasing in the Pattaya area, it is still quite cheap compared the most of the Western countries. Rental returns are consistently higher than overseas markets and properties are still offering considerable capital growth over the long term, with payment plans commonly available it makes owning a property affordable for many.”

For more information or just to check out their operation, can call into the Gecko Properties office, just off Soi Bukhaow, behind the Avenue Shopping Mall or ring them on 038 412 150, mobile:
0846 564 846.
Email: info@geckoproperties.com
Website: www.geckoproperties.com and browse their ever increasing
database of properties and maybe send a message with your thoughts or needs.