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Creating an elegant dining room

Although a dining room is not found in all properties, especially in Thailand, it is an important room as it can add grandeur to your home. A well designed and well presented dining room is synonymous with larger houses and apartments, and so can make even a smaller place look larger than it is.


Best solution is a separate room

To create a dining room in a property that doesn’t already have one, it is worth considering taking some space from the lounge area and also the kitchen area, especially if it is an open plan kitchen.

The best way to create the extra room is to build a wall or archway partition so that the new dining room is entirely separate. Still, there are things that can be done to create a dining room without erecting a wall. Worth looking at is moving some furnishings around in the lounge to provide the extra space. It could be that a sofa can be re-positioned to provide the separating element between the two “rooms”.

Change the flooring

Flooring can play a big part in giving that feeling of separation. Try changing the color of floor tiles or wood floors in the dining area so that it takes on its own qualities. You could try mixing wood and tile floor areas to give a greater feeling of separation. By making the floor sunken slightly and by using a couple of steps down to the dining area you can provide a feeling of an entirely separate room even if you are not planning to put up walls. The other benefit of an open plan but separated dining area is that the rest of the place can continue to be spacious without any true partitions in the way.


Make space for comfort

Try to make enough space to comfortably sit six people or preferably eight. In a smaller property you could cater to four persons and at least this would be better than no dining room at all. The space around the table and chairs should be such that you can easily get in and out of the seats without the chairs hitting any object when being moved away from the table.

Whether creating new space, or using an existing room (for example, if your property has a dining room already) the design of the space itself is the next thing to attend to.


Visit restaurants for inspiration

One great way to see what is in vogue and what isn’t is to visit various restaurants and see what they have been doing in their dining areas. Restaurants spend a great deal of time and money getting this aspect of their place just right as it is the overall welcoming feel of the dining space that will arguably attract customers in the first place. Inspiration can also be drawn from movies or from a TV series where a dining setting is used, since the producers will have meticulously planned these.


Modern or classic

It would be wise to choose the overall style of the dining room at the outset. For example modern or classic. Try to make it fit with the rest of the property. For classic dining rooms a wooden table is worth looking at. The chunkier the legs and the table top the better, though there is a limit to this approach. Look for one to two inch thick tabletops in a light or dark color. Although you will likely be using tablecloths and other coverings, it would be good if the tops are ornate with chamfering at the edges and a surface that is well finished.

For modern styles, an aluminum tabletop is quite chic these days. Glass tops are also in vogue, or you may be able to find a combination of glass and wood that still looks modern and will fit with your theme. Very dark or black wood is elegant and can be used in a modern. Chairs should be comfortable and it is definitely worth shopping around and trying out chairs to ensure they can be a pleasure to sit in for long periods.


The small details and lightning

Clues for the types of table mats and cutlery can be taken from restaurants and also from home furnishing stores, as they will likely have some mock up displays of dining rooms showing various elements. As for the color scheme for the room, bright colors always appeal, as they will give a sense of spaciousness. If choosing a classic design then carefully chosen wallpaper may well have a place in your new room. Lighting by way of a chandelier or spot lighting would also bode well. Try to use dimmer controls so that various mood settings can be in place and then your dining room will be perfect for any occasion.