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Creating a proper kitchen in a studio condo

A studio condo can present some challenges when it comes to adding a kitchen but if it is done right it can look great and can add substantial value to a property.

One thing to avoid is a kitchenette style of cooking area. That’s because studio rooms already combine the living room and bedroom into one space and a kitchenette, even if positioned in the corner of a room will still mean that cooking will take place in the same space as the sleeping area.

The first thing to do is to look at an existing studio and determine where a partition can be made so as to make the kitchen entirely separate from the rest of the living space.

Many condos come with a bathroom immediately adjacent to the front door with a walk in space that may already have a makeshift kitchen or kitchenette in it. This is an ideal space to consider for a proper kitchen as three walls will already exist and it will only require the creation of an end wall or archway to finish off the space. Entrance areas are normally 1.5 meters to 2 meters wide and this is plenty enough for a galley style kitchen which will typically require approx. 1.5 meters width.

If the bathroom is located near to the entrance door, you may need to extend the wall where the bathroom joins to the main room to ensure the kitchen is long enough, but this will still be a simple enough job to do and could be combined with the erection of the forth wall or archway.

For length, consider a 2.6 meter to 3 meter length for the kitchen room overall. This will mean that you could make a proper kitchen in only 4.5 square meters and this will not impact adversely on the size of the rest of the property.

If your condo has no area of this nature by the entrance door then it is worth looking at creating one such that the entrance door opens into it as this will avoid the need for an entrance hall and will save space overall.

With the plan in hand, the next job is to create the walls that will separate the kitchen from the main room. By tucking the bed behind the wall it will also be out of sight from the kitchen and this is just perfect from the point of view of creating the desired separation.

Next it will be time to paint the newly created room. Choose white, cream or yellow or alternatively a color that is the same as the rest of the condo. Floor tiles can also be fitted at this time. Look to make a step between the kitchen and main room, as this will bolster the separation of the two areas, especially if an archway is being used. It will also allow for pipes to be fitted under the floor for the sink unit etc. You could either use tiles that are the same as those used in the main room, or you could go for a color scheme that is distinct. Colors that work well are white, tan or rustic orange colors. If you are refitting the entire condo at the same time then you could consider a wood floor covering for the main room and a tiled floor for the kitchen area to give the illusion of an entirely separate area.

With a fully created and ready to go space the next thing to look at is the fitting of kitchen units and a worktop. These are typically only 60 cm wide and so there will be plenty of walking space. A visit to a kitchen center will enable you to get the best fitted service. Be sure to take a plan of your room with you so that you can discuss the best units for the room. As part of the service the kitchen center would usually arrange a visit to do a final measure up of the space and may use a 3D modeling program along with example color schemes to create exactly the look you require.

The fridge should be tall two door affair that will be standalone next to the newly built wall and so will be at one end of the room. Then the worktop should be fitted such that it has maximum unbroken length of at least 2.3 meters. This will look quite elegant as the dimensions of the room will lend themselves nicely to ensuring the space looks long and the kitchen will look larger the meager floor space it takes up.

The worktop should be placed along the entire length of the kitchen units and cut to fit any intricacies in the wall such as pillars or electrical ducts. Underneath there should be room for four or more cupboards, which again will give the illusion of the room being of a good length.

Top cupboards should be also fitted to match the bottom ones and again three or four units should be fitted. Be sure to plan for the hob area and a kitchen hood to go above it. The hood and fan unit can be fitted underneath one of cupboards at the top and will be a key item in the kitchen to make it look like a dedicated room. Consider using ducting so that cooking odors can be removed from the room altogether. You will then have succeeded in ensuring cooking doesn’t affect the sleeping area at all.

For color schemes, a dark worktop in black or dark grey marble will work very well with light or mid toned wood cupboards. Other alternatives are an all white kitchen with a white or light cream work top and white cupboard doors, though this will be more difficult to keep clean over time. Less traditional color schemes are dark green or red cupboards with a mid tone grey or tan work top.

Tiled areas on the walls should be in white or another color that matched the paintwork already in place. These should be fitted last as they will need to meet up with the kitchen units that will have already been fitted.

Accessories can be placed in the kitchen to give it a professional look. With all this in place a studio condo can take on the look of a much larger property with plenty of practical benefits to boot.