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Condo interior design - Walls floors and ceilings


When considering the interior design of a condo, the main areas that make up the space are the walls, ceiling, and floor. Getting the colour and texture of these right can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of a place.

White walls used to be the norm, but this is becoming less fashionable these days. Look for pastille yellow or a cream colour for walls such that they are still bright and airy but have some kind of colour to them instead of the neutrality white provides. Try painting one wall in a different colour altogether such as grey, brown, pink, or a darker tan colour. This will contrast nicely with the other walls and the extra wall colour will make for a nice centrepiece. Worth avoiding are colours such as blue or green as these have a colder feel to them, not that it is an absolute rule.

For flooring, ceramic tiles are often used in condos. Look to put in place white or fawn tiles that have either no discernable grout lines or grout lines that can be finished in either white or beige. Ceramic floors are typically very hard wearing and can look nice especially if mosaics are used or if tiles are angled at 45 degrees for example. Other things that can be done with tiled floors is a to mix colours and create a border and main area design that fits to the room dimensions.

If you don’t wish to use ceramic tiles, then wooden flooring looks very elegant. Look at either dark wood, mid tones or a pine floor. Colours do matter, with mid tones looking more pleasing to the eye. Pine flooring has a somewhat less classy look to it, but it does help to make a place feel more spacious and so can be used in smaller condos to good effect. 

Look for large wood elements to make up the floor and try to choose elements that fit in one plain. Some parquet floors have wood in both directions and these are hard to keep looking pristine. Well worth investing in is a good hard-wearing floor varnish, which will accent the wood and protect it all in one. 

Laminated floors or mock wood floors look quite similar but there are usually tell tale signs that all is not real with them and this can bring down the value of a place. Yet they can be used as an interim solution whilst waiting for a real wooden floor to be set in place. The cost of a wooden floor is typically more expensive than ceramic flooring, but much depends on the quality of the wood used.

You could elect to use a combination of ceramic tiles and wood flooring. It works quite well if you have a kitchen area within a condo. This could be laid with ceramic tiles whilst the living room might use wood flooring. The combination will provide separation between the rooms without the need for a wall and will give the place a look of grandeur especially if the colours are well chosen. Consider rustic tiles for a kitchen bordered by emerald green ceramics, which can then join to a mid tone wooden floor area. The join will be relatively seamless but will look very pleasing to the eye.

A mock fireplace and mantelpiece on one wall makes for a great centrepiece in a living room. Of course condos don’t normally have fireplaces so it will be necessary to build one. Look to build out a section of the wall by about six inches or so. This will represent the chimney stack, even though in fact it will be just brickwork. The width can be anything from two feet to four feet depending on the size of the room. Then it will be necessary to build a mock mantelpiece. This will entail using wooden surrounds coming up from the floor to a mid height and then ensuring the shelf area is in place and overhangs the supports. Below you could even reserve a space for a mock fireplace, but in fact it is a good place to put an LCD TV complete with its stand. The effect will largely be in place courtesy of the mantelpiece and the additional brickwork.

Another very effective interior design trick is to make use of real or mock archways. Real archways can separate rooms and will look good in between a lounge and kitchen area for example. You will need to ensure the load bearing capabilities of the condo will support the extra wall but usually this is just a formality. Look to pin an archway to an existing wall and to make it relatively wide such that it can become a real feature of the place.

Mock archways are simply archways that are cut into a wall. For this you will need to build out the wall and then carve an archway into the thicker wall. The archway need only be three or four inches thick as it will give the effect straight away. Wide arches again can be used to give a feeling of grandeur. You can even use a mock archway in combination with a fireplace, though it is better to use them separately.

Ceilings are another area that have a great effect on the overall look of a place. The traditional colour is white, despite the fact the colour scheme for walls has moved on a bit from that colour. Look to raise a ceiling to make a place feel more spacious. This can be done by lifting the entire suspended ceiling up by around 30 to 40 centimetres but leaving a border area of about the same amount at the original height. 

During the course of the lift you can create hidden areas for up lighting and also ensure cut outs are provided for the air conditioner fan units too. Up lighting is often used in shopping centres so it is worth going to some shopping malls and checking out how they have masterfully created their ceiling spaces as well as checking out the lighting they have used.