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Common mistakes agents make

By Adam Sutclliffe

Follow our steps to be the best agent you can.

Competition is stiff in the property world. If you don’t provide your client with the best possible service, they could go elsewhere. We have selected some of the industries faux pas for you to take heed of. It is good to learn from mistakes, but ideally someone else’s and not your own!

1. Greet

Walking into a real estate office can be daunting. Met by a row of desks with agents busy working away may want your enquiry to turn on their heel and leave as quickly as they entered. It may seem obvious but many agents don’t greet their clients properly. It is not difficult, stand up, make eye contact and ask how you can help them. A warm welcome will go a long way.

2. Communicate

This has to be the biggest mistake a real estate agent makes: a lack of communication. You need to remember that your client’s number one priority is finding that perfect property, so make sure that your client feels like they are your number one priority. Make them feel as if they are your only client even if they are one of 10. It is so important to maintain communication whatever the stage of the search or transaction. Picking up the phone takes seconds to give an update. Make them feel special and that they are fresh in your mind.

3. Prepare

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of listings available at any one time. But it is your job as an expert in the field to look like you know every one of these listings inside and out – even if you don’t! Take time to prepare before you speak to your client when presenting them with suitable options, before you head out on viewings

take time to familiarise yourself with the property or even to make sure the keys work. No one wants a flustering agent who comes across like they are blagging it!

4. Be honest

If you know the seller will take THB 10,000 less than the asking price, don’t tell your client that they will take THB 15,000 less. A good agent is one who listens to both their buyer and seller and negotiates for both of them to achieve the best possible sell. There is no point in overpromising and losing a sale. Ascertain the position of both parties to work hard to come to an agreement to bank that sale and move onto the next.

5. Marketing

Don’t try and cut corners and not invest in marketing. Many people and time short and you cannot underestimate the power of the Internet and the role it plays. Don’t market your property or upload a photo of a bedroom with looking a mess, and you have no hope on generating leads. People can be fickle and will quickly discount a property if they don’t like what they see. It is your job so show each property at its best for your sell