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Elegant Bathroom Design


Designing an elegant bathroom isn’t that hard, but some planning may be required to make a good job of it.


Floor-to-wall tiling is virtually a must-have in any high-end bathroom. Look for larger tiles that are flush fitting so that you don’t have any grout lines showing. These will look elegant since discoloured grout won’t become a problem. Use the same coloured tiles for the floor and the full height of the walls as well as the bath surround and shower room so that everything matches. A pastille orange or fawn colour looks enticing. White and black colour schemes also work, but are harder to get right.



Baths and Showers

A bath is mandatory in any elegant bathroom. Look for a deeper bathtub than a standard one as it will look bigger even if the overall dimensions of length and width are the same as normal. Even better is to choose both a longer and deeper bathtub so that the dimensions can really stand out. This works because most bathrooms have a standard-size bath and so you have a chance to do something really different. Accent the bath with chrome or gold handles on the sides to facilitate getting into and out of the tub, but also to break up an overall plain look. 

Jacuzzi baths can make a statement, but some may find them too much. The bathtub should be white as other colours seldom work. If you can’t fit a bath into your current bathroom space then it is worth considering moving one of the walls to expand the space available. This will pay off since an elegant bathroom is also a large one.


For the bath taps, an overhanging arch tap that comes out of the bath surround will look elegant. Separate hot and cold taps also look good, as does a shower attachment that recoils into its own space, hidden away from view except for the showerhead.


For the shower room, look to use plain glass panels that are floor-to-ceiling height. An open shower room doesn’t really fit with an elegant bathroom, as it looks more economical, thus look to make a glass cubicle with the glass panes and accent this with large door handles that match in colour and style to the bath tap fittings and the shower room controls.




Accessories count for a lot and so try to ensure things such as towel rails and toilet roll holders are both matching and are positioned well so that the bathroom carries off a look of completeness. A telephone in the bathroom is a good addition. Mount this close to the bath or shower but not too close such that it will get wet. A flat screen LCD TV at one end of the bath will also be a good thing to have in place to make the bathroom both high tech and also a relaxing place to be. Be sure to choose a TV that can take the humidity of a bathroom setting. To top off the conveniences, an iPod station and a pair of built-in speakers will also be perfect bathroom companions.


The washbasin area is a place where extra attention can go a long way. Look to mount a large mirror above the wash basin and may be consider two side mirrors as well as a wall-mounted pull out mirror on a swivel for close up inspections. 

Lighting of the main mirror can be by way of wall lights that are positioned at mid height. These can be decorative to give an air of grandeur to the place. Dimmer switches can give a range of moods and are inexpensive to fit. 

The washbasin itself should be a sunken variety with it mounted below a marble or ceramic worktop with an opening cut into it to receive the basin from below. By mounting the taps above the hand basin directly into the wall, a high-end feel can be attained. 

Other extras in the washbasin area can include a soap dispenser and a tray or set of miniature draws to hold things such as shampoos and soaps, toothbrushes, drinking glasses and small towels or flannels. You can get small shampoo and lotion bottles from hotels by asking for extras during your next stay. Some shops such as Watsons also sell travel sets that include smaller variants of shampoos and soaps. Under the sink, look to include shelf units for extra towels, and a cupboard for cleaning materials and other items. Dark or mid tones for the woodwork will work well with fawn-coloured tiles, with blackened woodwork blending well with a white colour scheme.



Raise the Roof

The ceiling is not to be forgotten. Look to incorporate a lattice design using raised wooden elements instead of just using plain plasterboard. White remains a good colour for the ceiling design, but pastille colours could also be used. Spotlights can also be sunken into the design, but not that many would be required. Up-lighting would be worth considering and this can be placed in the ceiling surrounds.


With the above all taken care of, you can then spend some well-earned time to enjoy your newly-designed bathroom.