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By Belinda Wilson

When faced with a choice, homeowners will most likely opt to update a bathroom simply because it is more affordable than updating a kitchen. However before doing so it is always best to consider who actually uses the bathroom. Is it for a single person or a family, ? Is it purely a functional room or a haven for sanctuary and repose ? Are you aiming to create a place of retreat or perhaps an open-plan bathroom?

First you must decide on a style as this will make it far easier to search for suitable products and combinations. There is such an ambundance of choice in bathroom fixtures and fittings that sticking with your style and therefore eliminating anything unsuitable will help you stay focused and save a great deal of time. .

Avantgarde, Modern or Classic ? . Take your time and be inspired!

If you are making a heavy financial commitment then your decision may need to be a permanent one and you should consider your needs for this room for some years to come but there are always quick fixes to help modernize and refresh your bathroom if you want to just freshen things up.. Do as little or as much as you want or as your budget allows.

For example:


If you can’t afford to undertake a major overhaul, replace fixings, such as taps and shower attachments with the most expensive you can afford. They will add a touch of class and lift a tired bathroom.

  • brushed chrome and nickel or brass, and copper finishes are on trend for 2016



A mirror can be a statement piece or art. It’s a great way to bring more light into the room give a larger aspect and make your bathroom your own - especially if you're a renter.

2016 trend – Round Mirrors are replacing the traditional rectangular shape we’re used to seeing. This gives a bathroom an added dynamic and an unexpected graphic focal point.


Gentle lighting is so much kinder than the harsh overhead variety. Who wants to see every wrinkle when they floss? Bathroom mirrors with built-in lighting are easy to source and not so expensive as rethinking the entire room.


There is nothing like a fresh new coat of paint on the walls and as a typical bathroom is not usually that large a room from start to finish, it should really only take a few hours or less if you just decide to pick out one wall. As bathrooms are often white or light-colored you may want to think about adding a pop of color on one of the walls as an accent.

Green was seen as a very popular accent last year for 2016 many designers are favouring grey. Also the black and white combination is very popular – especially in tiles.


Monochrome schemes are not only timeless and adaptable to any design style varying from the Nostalgic Victorian approach through to chic, contemporary and minimal; they are also very accepting of accent colours, 

Or if you don’t want to resort to paint you can carry last year’s green theme over into just an accent colour with the use of green plants. As the green plant trend of 2016 will make having greenery in the bathroom a must. However in Thailand you may just wish to consider using the great artificial plants that are so much more realistic now than they once were, easier to maintain and far less likely to attract ants and bugs !


Florals are another big theme for 2016 but you may find it challenging to pull off this look or find that after a while it is something you tire of. Therefore the use of a floral shower curtain or rug can mean an instant trend change for this year with a chance to move onto a new one for 2017.

Or for an easier fix just introduce colour through accessories such as new towels, ornaments – glass beads in a jar for example – as seen with the use of turquoise and lavender..


 Walk-in showers are increasing in popularity especially no-threshold walk in showers. However the desire for free-standing soaking bath tubs is certainly growing not just the style of Victoriana that we’re quite used to now but more modern, avant garde shapes

Natural stones and minerals are also going to be big this 2016 . No longer just as decorative elements but as functional pieces as well. Instead of the usual porcelain, a sink made of polished stone will give your bathroom an elegant and interesting touch



Also the use of open shelving is a key look. If you find this hard to pull off because of the constant need for tidiness and perfectly folded towels look to buying baskets and wicker holders to keep everything neat and tidy. Scandinavian inspiration with simple, minimal design the use of wood and clean lines is a trend that continues in popularity – get yourself along to Ikea for inspiration !