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5 lighting ideas for your home

By Virginia Ewart-James

Light up your home with these different styles of lighting to complete your interior style. 

Lighting does not just serve a function. It can also be used to define the interior design of a room or even to be used as part of a feature wall. Gone are the days of a limited choice of just a pendant

lighting and shade, now there are a whole host of different lighting options on the market suited to your exact needs. You can also just change the look of the room by changing the light bulb to a softer tone. If you are considering what lighting to pick then have a look at the ones we have selected below.

1. Think slick spotlights.

Spotlights are increasingly common. Often put into new projects by developers as they immediately finish a room. They are great for rooms that need good lighting such as a kitchen, or a room with small ceiling height where a pendant light would make the room feel even more cramped and small. Pick recessed ones the same colour as the ceiling for a minimal look. One downside to spots is that they aren’t that kind to your eyes. So you are likely not to want to get drenched in light when reading in bed or relaxing on the sofa, so where possible fit dimmers in order to control their brightness.

2. Invest in freestanding lamps.

These are a great solution if you want to bring a bit of character to a room, especially one that has spotlights. You can easily set the style of the room with a freestanding lamp whether you want to go for an industrial feel or something more vintage. Plus you can take these with you when you move or change easily if you change your taste.

3. Pick designer pendants and bulbs.

For a really modern look pick a pendant light with an interesting cord and with just a bare bulb. Cord’s now come in a whole host of colours, some material, twisted and make the pendant far more exciting that a traditional plastic white one. Team it with a filament bulb and group in odd numbers to place over your dining room table. Or if you are feeling adventurous drape the cords from the ceiling in an unorganised fashion to create a real feature. 

4. Go grand with a chandelier. 

Reminiscent of times gone by, chandeliers have come along way from their days of being adorned with detail, with draped stones and lots of little features making them difficult to clean. There are plenty of modern twists of chandelier on the market these days and they are ideal if you are looking to create a statement. They will soon become the centrepiece of a room so it is advised that you do not overfill the surrounding area of it. Hence why chandeliers are ideal for the hallway.

5. Choose a bold shade.

If you would rather avoid changing a light fitting to alter the look of your room, then change the light shade instead. There are some interesting designs on the market these days that include ones that reflect shapes into the rest of the room. Or ones where the bottom is enclosed to create a soothing light that also does not expose the ugly bulb inside. Pick a block colour if you would rather it being a focal point of the room or a velvet one for a vintage feel.