GrabTaxi Beta Launch in Pattaya at the Royal Marina Pattaya

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With the motto “Safety Speed and Certainty” GrabTaxi plans to organize the taxi service in Pattaya for the better of both passengers and drivers. Pattaya Trader Magazine was there to cover the Beta Launch of the mobile app, which was held at the Royal Marina Pattaya on September 17

grabtaxi launch event at Pattaya picture by matias berra
What is GrabTaxi?

The brain-child of a group of Harvard students from South-east Asia, GrabTaxi  is a mobile pone application that has now expanded to  6 countries, 70 cities and it has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times.

According to their own description, “We  [GrabTaxi Co.] have a commitment to play a role in building a better society for all. By combining top talent and disruptive technologies and innovation, GrabTaxi wishes to create a high potential, self-sustainable social enterprise that will help bring South East Asian nations to the forefront of the technological development wave.”

Why is it helpful?

The application was designed to be useful for both passengers and drivers alike, let’s see a quick list of all the advantages it provides.

For Passengers:

·   No communication problems as al is done in writing through the application on your mobile phone.

·   No price discrepancies, users will know how much it will cost before even booking the ride.

·   24 hrs service.

·   No need to wait outside which is great for safety and convenience (very useful when it rains).

·   Drivers have been tested before joining so passengers won’t have to worry about reckless driving or cars in bad shape


For Drivers:

·   30% to 300% more income not only they get to keep the service charge, it is also more likely they will be on call much more frequently.

·   Extremely efficient as they don’t have to be driving aimlessly and it offers job security

·   They receive training in English and using mobile technology for their advantage

grabtaxi launch in pattaya

How does Grab taxi work?

Simplicity is the main factor on which this application was designed; users can book a taxi (and GPS track it) with the push of about 3 buttons.

Step 1: Select location and destination

Basically the user begins the transaction by writing his location and destination on the main screen, the app will automatically track the passengers GPS location and show you the taxis that near that area.


Step 2: Get estimated time of arrival and Price for the ride

Then, the user has the option to pick which taxi he prefers and by simply clicking on a button he will get an estimated time of arrival and the cost of the entire ride.


Step 3: Complete your Booking

Once the passenger is happy with the arrival time and price he can press the ‘book now’ button and the transaction will be completed!

On top of the ease by which you can book your taxi, the application will also offer you a wealth of useful information which the user will have Access to at all times, these include: Driver’s name, Driver’s plate number, driver’s mobile pone and a real time tracking of the location of the taxi.

Before the driver arrives for the pick-up, an alarm will be sent to the application tol et the user know is time to go downstairs and wait for the cab. Furthermore, users have the option to share all the information on Facebook or by SMS with who ever they wish (maybe a loved one to keep them calm or maybe your boss so that he can know exactly when you took the cab) for safety or organizational purposes.


Step 4: Feedback

Once safely arrived at your destination, one last window will pop up asking you to input some feedback. It is of great importance that you participate and actively suggest ways to improve the service (or give them a good review in case the trip was good!) as this is the main cannel GrabTaxi Co. Posses to ensue their service is constantly improving and adapting to the users needs.

How do I get GrabTaxi app?

GrabTaxi is available for download in all mayor app stores including Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and BlackBerry World. You can visit their website for more details:

The future of GrabTaxi:


grabtaxi launch pattya trader picture by matias berra

Is worth mentioning that this service, which is already available at the app store, has full-fledged support from the Pattaya Municipality. In the city mayor’s own words ”Pattaya will benefit from this service as there’s a general lack of taxis. The municipality embraces this new application as it will provide a very useful service for visitors and locals alike”.

Some of the perceived advantages of the introduction of GrabTaxi include:

  •  24hrs reliable and safe taxi service which will be very well received by visitors who tend to mistrust the existing transport system, 
  • A reduction of traffic as more people opt to use the service than take on the roads themselves, increased road safety (these drivers are professional and well trained) and a good point of promotion for Pattaya which is trying to steer away from the reputation mad- songthaew -rivers have so kindly provided over the years.


With an energetic, innovative and Young team behind the application added to the support our local government will provide for it, GrabTaxi is looking at a very bright and promising future in Pattaya. With 60 drivers on call at any given time, the application seems certainly ready to take over sin city and provide a fresh, useful and safe service for all.