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Things are really moving fast on Kiss FM as we introduce two more new presenters to entertain you through your week.

In last month’s edition we introduced the new station manager: Steve Johnston, who also kick-starts your day with his ‘Morning Kiss’ between 7 and 10. But don’t think he is just sleeping after that! He’s managed to bring in two more lively guys to break up your day with some quality shows.

First in line is Neal Bowden, the new drive-time presenter, on between 3 and 7 in the afternoons. Neal isn’t a stranger to these parts, having previously worked on a local station in Phuket - he is certainly clued up on how things are done around here.

He began his career many moons ago over in the UK and has spent time presenting in Egypt, Dubai and Oman. When asked why he chose this field of work, he simply replied it is all he has ever wanted to do. A true natural on the mic, you can expect some entertainment, gossip, hilarious anecdotes plus your usual low-downs on the weather along with the latest happenings around town. All of course, spiced up with the best the music industry has to offer.

Next up from 7 until 10, is the young Matt Shields. Already donning the nickname ‘Baby Face’ at the station, Matt has had a surprisingly extensive career thus far considering the young snapper is just 26.

Learning the tricks of the trade at Bauer Media’s Forth 1, a local station in Edinburgh, the young Scott gained some notoriety locally. Following that fame he worked on a number of other stations across Scotland including most recently Kingdom FM. Matt has also been fortunate to rub shoulders with some of the top stars to-date, most notably Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls –fwarrgghh!

Matt brings a lot of energy to the station, which can be heard in his show as he throws out the best tunes of the current scene. He is also “man in the know” when it comes to music, so expect a lot of up-to-the-minute news on the goings on in the pop world brought with all the flare you’d expect from a young Scott. Oh, and before we forget, he rounds off his week with an hour’s Mixdown of the hottest tunes every Friday between 9 and 10, the perfect way to warm you up for theweekend.

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