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Get a 5-star service at a 3-star price

Vantage Resort has a unique and very well designed cosiness that hits you like a smooth breeze the moment you enter the door. The colours, the lighting and the interior is so nicely composed in this little, special hotel. Near the reception's desk you'll find the coffee-lounge, which has the most beautiful rustique lamps and décor designed with rough materials found in scraps, beaches and construction sites. All design is done with a particular thought to the environment and this goes so well hand in hand with the whole idea of Vantage Resort that it instantly soothes and relaxes the guest.

The best Muslim hotel in Pattaya: just in a 5 minutes walk from our hotel you will find mosque or you can pray in your room; our restaurant and 24-hours room service will provide halal food, the hotel area is free of alcohol and smoking is allowed only at a separate area.


Get a personalized body improvement

The overall red thread to Vantage Resort can be described with two key words: Health and Wellness. The resort consists of a variety of services including hotel, organic and halal food-restaurant, pool and a health clinic. 

We wish to offer the full health package for our guests. They will start with an appointment at our clinic, where a world-recognized doctor from England will check everything regarding body functions. She will do a live blood analysis and she has developed a unique method using an electronic microscope to discover diseases that might not even show it's symptoms yet. When consulting is over the guest will receive advice and the doctor will apply a course of ozone therapy (a special bath with ozone jet air coming straight to the body, reviving and revitalizing at the same time) to improve and clean the body and maybe diet, exercise, rest or other non-medicamented treatment.


Vantage Restaurant serves internationally certified organic food and halal food. On the menu is Thai, European. Mediterranean, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The restaurant has it's own pizza owen as well as a Tandyr, which is an owen used for baking Indian bread. Opening hours are from breakfast till evening dinner. Vantage Restaurant seats 120 guests (both in- and outdoor) and has a private room for 6 guests. It is possible to book the restaurant for private parties.

Vantage Clinic opens in January 2015. It has newest equipment and certified medical staff. In the clinic you will find health consulting, ozone therapy (revitalising O3 full body bath) and an aesthetic laser clinic with permanent hair

Clean your body and mind: organic halal food

This is a special place to come - not only to enjoy organic halal food in a relaxing atmosphere, but also to improve your health! For being healthy, all you need is fresh air, fresh water and fresh organic food. Our restaurant

- brown rice, whole grain meals

- cashew, almond, walnut, hazelnut, brazil nut

- lean beef, skinless chicken, salmon

- dark green vegetables: spinach, romaine lettuce

- fiber: whole grain cereals, vegetables, whole fruits, beans

- citrus fruits, legumes

- plenty of drinking water

- dark chocolate

- green tea

- oatmeal

The food at the restaurant is picked and cooked under halal rules, making the check of the product for healthiness even more strict. Halal food has growing popular all over the world, even among non-Muslim people, as it’s always clean, healthy and universal in its taste. Organic halal food is a perfect choice for those, who got minor problems with stomach, allergy, metabolism or weight.

Another unique feature of the Vantage restaurant - it’s wellness bar, serving non-alcohol cocktails, that will detoxify and clean your body from inside and thus speed up the healing process of your body if it is already damaged by heavy metals and toxins from everyday food, water and air. 

Cocktails are made of the fruits and vegetables that are taken from organic farms and the juice is extracted right in front of your eyes, so you can be sure it’s really fresh. Our original cocktail recipes will guarantee the perfect taste and energy charge for the whole day!

Variety of indoor dining areas, with a perfect view at the swimming pool, outdoor tables, well-hidden in the shadow of the palms and surrounded by tropical flowers, separate VIP room for private dining - all these will make your visit really special. Welcome!