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Up Your Soi


After a two-month break I am now back in Central Pattaya where, as promised, I will investigate a soi that is giving Walking Street some well-deserved competition. Soi LK Metro is a dog-leg street running between Soi Diana and Soi Buakow. Even though it is no more than 150 metres in length, once the sun goes down it packs quite a punch. Last time I reported on this area was in December 2008 so it is time to see what changes have taken place over the past five years.


Beginning at the Family Mart on the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Diana, the first sign attracting my attention on the right is for Pastorito Italian Restaurant which serves up nice pizzas and other Italian delights. Directly opposite is the newly-renovated Champagne A Go Go.


Past Pastorito is Lady Love A Go Go which was not there in 2008. On the left, we find Bull Dog Bar, The Rock House (Music and Sport’s bar) and 3-Som Bar and Guesthouse. Next is Bachelor Pattaya A Go Go which appears to open early in the afternoon to accommodate we old folks with an early bedtime or curfew. If memory serves me correctly, this used to be the home of Bob’s BBQ and Mexican Grill. Bob, serving the best ribs in town; now it’s a Go Go Bar showing the best ribs in town. Next is Crystal Club A Go Go easily recognisable by the matt black exterior finish.


Opposite on the right is Showgirls A Go Go followed by Ninjya Karoake and Bar which is an open beer bar, then Queen Club A Go Go (another building with matt black finish).


From The Office A Go Go on the left, I head into the corner where, tucked away is The Irish Rovers guesthouse, bar, and diner. Irish Rovers is famous for its all-day breakfast which is considered by many to be the best value breakfast in Pattaya. I agree.


Soi LK Metro now turns right and heads towards Soi Buakow. Kilkenny Bar and Guesthouse is a spacious budget hotel and bar while on the opposite corner we find Billabong Hotel Bar and Restaurant followed by Metro Café, Red Five Bar and Soi LK MetroThe Drunken Duck. The sign suggests what a drunken duck looks like and I’ve sure felt like that at times. Metro Apartments and Bar (the soi is named after them) has pool tables for customers and is followed by Paradise A Go Go, Murphy’s Law (yet another Irish bar) and Oscar’s A Go Go (formerly The Stag’s Head beer bar).


On the left up from Kilkenny Bar is Time Bar and Guesthouse (I seem to recall this was the site of Mickey Malone’s London-Irish Bar in a previous life) followed by The Golf Club beer bar, The Devil’s Den (formerly The Hell Club) painted red and Heaven’s Inn painted blue with some very pretty ladies lolling out front. Next is Noody’s Beer Bar, Destiny A Go Go then Submarine A Go Go and Blue Moon Guesthouse and Bar followed by Kiss A Go Go. Armageddon Bar and Guesthouse painted matt grey is just before the intersection with Soi Buakow with Sugar Sugar Go Go Bar on the left and Fun House A Go Go on the right.


That makes around a dozen Go Go bars located in this very small area - and I probably missed a couple. So, if you are tired of Walking Street and haven’t visited yet, make sure to add Soi LK Metro to your Bucket List.


See you next month Up Your Soi.