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To fly with the Flyboard

FlyboardWhat is it and how does it work?

Flyboard is an extreme entertainment in Pattaya. It consists of a board, special boots rigidly attached to the board and a flexible hose connected to the water jet of the jetski through which a powerful water spray comes and sets this design in motion. Two nozzles located under the flyer’s feet manifest the flight mechanics foundation, and provide an opening for the output of water flow.There are two flyboard control methods. First – using a special joystick capable to supply gas from the water jetski into the hose remotely. Second – implies the same action, but it is performed manually on the jet sky by the operator. The first methodis used only by the qualified athletes.The second method is suitable for beginners, for whom is very important to focus solely on the board management, and leave the water flow rate control to their coach.

Is it difficult?

It is much easier to learn to fly with the flyboard, than it may seem at first glance. Just follow the instructions of the coach and do not afraid! All movements during the flight are carried out at an intuitive level, as during the walk. Neither physical form nor special skills are required.

What feelings?

It is an unreal feeling of freedom and adrenaline rush, which you will be able to feel both in the air and in the water. A powerful water spray, which comes from the jetski to the board and boots, allows you to hover like a bird and dive like a dolphin.