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The New Kid in Town – Harbor Mall

by Kevin Cain

Pattaya has some of the best shopping outside of Bangkok, swanky malls with top brand name outlets are all over the city. Was there room for one more? Well the developers of Pattaya's new kid on the block definitely thought so.Harbor Mall, opened earlier on in the year and was immediately well received by shoppers and local media alike. Situated next to Foodland on the Central Pattaya Road it is a little bit off the tourist beat but still has a prime location.

Harbor Mall has some stiff opposition, notably the highly successful Central Festival and Royal Garden Plaza Malls, the bustling Mike Shopping Mall and The Avenue to name but four.So what does Harbor Mall bring that is new to the party? Well, as all newcomers, it has a fresh new and very modern facade, which developers LT Group wanted to feature. Also Harbor Mall concentrates on business with the very well equipped Harbor Office and the state-of-the-art facilities and conference centre, which sort of sets it aside from its competitors.

But the major difference that sets Harbor Mall apart from the other Shopping Malls in Pattaya is the awesome “Family Paradise”. It features nine entertainment zones, and is reputed to be the biggest indoor playground for kids in the southeast Asia region.

The Rink is the first ice skating facility in eastern Thailand and is open daily to the public, there are also plans to bring shows and entertainment to the ice.The Japanese concept of a playground for kids called, Kidzoona & Molly Fantasy seems to be well received by younger children and is an excellent play area to keep them occupied whilst somebody a little more mature does the shopping.

For the slightly older and more adventurous child, Jump XL trampoline park is a must whilst the unusual Deep Climbing Gym gives people who like to rock climb an experience similar to that of an underwater sea wall.

Harbor Mall even has a snow zone, supposedly the biggest in the kingdom. Whilst it is 35 degrees outside, Snow Land gives you an opportunity to enter a land right from the movie Frozen. And if ice is not your thing there is a Baby Pool, Mario Land and the enchanting Harbor Learn & Play area, which is the biggest education and games facility in the region.Harbor's marketing promise that it is the biggest Family Entertainment Center in ASEAN might be disputable but what is not is the fact that it contains excellent and extensive top class facilities.

However, if you have been down near the Dolphin Roundabout recently you can't but help noticing the massive new development going on. The Bay Pattaya on Beach Road, is currently under construction by renown developer the Kingdom Group, at a reported cost of $154 million. It is supposedly a New Retail

Development which will surely affect the revenue of Harbor Mall when it opens later on in 2016.

Is this a case of Store Wars, or simply Pattaya gearing up for something bigger to come? With the current investment in Pattaya's road infrastructure and the upgrade of U-Tapao airport, it might suggest that the latter is the case. With two new malls opening within half a year of each other, obviously somebody is expecting an influx of visitors to the city. This much of an investment does not happen simply on a whim, I suggested boom times are not too far away.