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This month’s trader is all about Christmas, the New Year and Charities in Pattaya and so for this month’s Bargain Hunter I would like to shine a light on the wonderful Rayong Pattaya Ladies Circle. Why ? because this club fulfills all the previously mentioned criteria of celebrating Christmas giving to local charities and doing it all with a sense of great fun and enjoyment. After all any “coffee morning” that kicks off with Bucks Fizz/Mimosa’s round the pool at 10 a.m. is sure to be a fun event !

More importantly for this column the coffee mornings held by The Rayong Pattaya Ladies Circle most definitely fall into Bargain of the year category. Where else could you spend sometimes as long as 3-4 hours by having so much fun with so much good food and drink for a mere 200 baht ? Plus see the profits handed directly over to the monthly charity of choice ?

How do they do it ? you ask., by making use of the circle’s generosity of home and hospitality. Each month a member of the circle invites the club to hold their morning at their house. In return the member can nominate their chosen charity to receive the profits from the event. Then all the ladies (only occasionally is the lesser spotted male viewed at one of these shin digs) bring a dish towards the general buffet – and believe me as one who is not too handy in the kitchen these women can cook!


There are also vendors who set up their wares, usually in the gardens or outside spaces and a raffle is held with great prizes .

The most recent event was of course the Christmas Coffee Morning and a truly splendid affair it was too in a beautifully decorated house by Lake Maprachan with surely the best and most festive table of goodies seen all year. Swopping stories and making new friends was carried out in beautiful surroundings making us all realise how very privileged we are to live such a comfortable ex pat life.

The recipients of the proceeds of the event was "Able the disabled " and to remind us of those less fortunate Khun Gio from Take Care Kids was on hand to also collect a cheque for a magnificent 75,000 baht collected from the recent Red Carpet Event.

For more information and to get involved with either Able the Disabled, Take Care Kids or Rayong Pattaya Ladies Circle – go to their respective facebook pages

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Able the Disabled