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Surecell Pratumnak Clinic – The Bio Scan Department

By Belinda Wilson

Turning into Pratumnak Road at the lights from Theppraya and then almost immediately left into Soi 6 is a large imposing, grey building housing “Surecell” not just a clinic with a single practitioner but a complete Medical Centre housing a ground floor general practice for the everyday malaise and a multi-specialty center on the 3rd floor. Founded by Dr Peter Lewis with his Swiss partner Bernhard Schwyn this is one of ten clinics located in Australia, Thailand and Bangladesh with more to come.

After interviewing Dr Lewis for last month’s magazine I decided to make a follow up visit to get a closer look at the very interesting Bio Scan department. As Dr Peter says this: “acts as a tool to assess probable risks and then allow for diagnosis and follow up tests if needed”. Obviously it makes sense to address any potential problems sooner rather than later and you don’t even have to set aside days or weeks for treatment:

“Our Pratumnak medical center allows almost all processes to be done in-house (except for X-rays or MRI’s – we will add those facilities at a later stage – or complex blood tests which we send out to specialized laboratories). Your total time spend at our clinic will not be more than a couple of hours for most of our treatments. A general Check up will take no more than 15 min”

So I went to the clinic for a test and as someone with a very low pain threshold am pleased to announce that the entire procedure was completely pain free!

After the usual height, weight and blood pressure routine I was asked to sit with a clip on my thumb while my hands and feet were placed on pads and a couple of pads at my temples connecting me to the apparatus while a small current ,completely imperceptible, passed through me to gather the necessary information.

Whilst this procedure was taking place I was able to look at the monitor and review the results with the Doctor. All pretty straight forward with rotating diagrams showing each area of the body being

diagnosed and with an easy to view traffic lights approach i.e. green all clear amber slight problem might require further analysis and red…..well you get the idea.

I was immediately told about my personal risk profile for cholesterol, diabetes, and the function of organs such as the pancreas and liver. However, what surprised me was that the doctor could also deduce from what he saw that I was having problems sleeping – and was able to recommend natural supplements such as sesame, pumpkin, radish to help with this. Also that my PH class is a little acid so that I should therefore include more vegetables and less starch/pasta in my diet (which can cause acidity) . All fascinating stuff + BMI, lymphatic system, vitamins and trace elements all looked at.

You can see a really great rotating image of your spine on the monitor and it was evident that I have a slight problem with my neck and the top of my spine – unsurprisingly from too many years office work sitting at a desk ,wrongly postured in front of a computer! You are also asked to complete a breath test inhaling, holding and then exhaling through a tube to monitor your lungs and heart rate.

Then three days later a complete report was emailed through to me – obviously if you prefer you can call in to collect a hard copy and this report had an incredible amount of details. I believe that getting a test like this can work in many ways. As well as the most obvious way of alerting you to any current or potential problems it also reinforces common sense notions that you know you should adhere to. Sensible rules about drinking and diet that are given more credence when a doctor sits you down and explains their importance in your particular case.

Surecell’s websites contain lots of detailed information and many fascinating explainer videos showing the many procedures on offer.

( and which even has a Thai language version)

However if you prefer you can always just call in and you will be sure to see smiling, helpful staff on hand, happy to go into detail with you regarding what is available and at what cost for your particular needs.