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Surecell Pratumnak Clinic – Where is it, What is it?

Turning into Pratumnak Road at the lights from Theppraya and then almost immediately left into Soi 6, I have often seen the imposing large grey building at the top on the right and wondered what was inside? Upon entering I was struck by just how large a concern “Surecell” is! Rather then just a common clinic with a single practitioner, Surecell proved to be a complete Medical Centre with a ground floor general practice for the everyday malaise and a multi-specialty center on the 3rd floor which can be reached by elevator. Here we find a treatment center that focusses on joint and muscle injuries, a cosmetic facility, a health check up center, a hyperbaric treatment and a vitamin drip and chelation department. It also has a sophisticated medical laboratory.

My reason for visiting was to interview Surecell’s founder Dr Peter Lewis who visits his new medical center regularly and find out more about him and this company he founded with his Swiss partner Bernhard Schwyn.

Dr Lewis, a general practitioner and sports injury specialist, certainly has a fascinating medical background beyond his 25 years experience in his own clinic in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked in post war disaster areas such as Zimbabwe and at the infamous 2004 tsunami disaster zone in Indonesia’s Banda Aceh province. Dr Lewis is also a martial arts trainer and a senior ring-side doctor, supervising world championship fights all over the globe. Dealing with all kind of battlefield, disaster and sports injuries, he became a true specialist in regenerative medicine, developing healing therapies that start with ones’ very own healing cells: platelets in our blood stream and stem cells in the fat that accumulates in our body.

Today his Surecell Medical Group has 10 clinics in Australia, Thailand and Bangladesh with more to come. Our Pratumnak medical center however was his first venture outside of Australia, hence my obvious question: why Pattaya ?

“As a martial art fan I frequently visited Thailand and especially Pattaya where I own an apartment on Pratumnak hill for almost 10 years now. I always wanted to expand my medical presence and various coincidences resulted in deciding to set up our first center here on Pratumnak Hill. The success in my Melbourne clinics relieving the pain of knee and hip joints suffered by thousands of patients back home would surely be appreciated by the Pattaya residents – and beyond.”

After all here in Pattaya we also have a high proportion of older expats who sure wish to live longer, healthier lives and stay more active. Statistics show that over 40% of people over 55 suffer from arthritic problems such as knee and hip deterioration.

In Australia the field of regenerative medicine is growing at a phenomenal rate and Dr Peter has gone from treating just a few osteoarthritis patients with his regenerative treatment protocols 4 years back to now up to a thousand patients each month throughout his clinics. You can certainly feel safe in his expert hands as he estimates that he has given over 100,000 injections and has also been awarded Fellowship Status to both the American Board of Regenerative Medicine and the Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

“Our platelet-rich-plasma treatment can radically help with the deterioration of joints such as in the hip, knee or shoulder, acting as a “parachute” to slow the decline by as much as 5-10 years before the need for any replacement operations, if at all. As improvements in the field of replacement surgery continue rapidly our patients gain valuable time as new advancements in this popular field of medicine produce better results with the development of new materials such as ceramic cups rather than the usual titanium that many patients still find unsatisfactory not giving them the same mobility as before their replacement surgery. Another enormous benefit is obviously the near total disappearance of the nagging pain and suffering and thus highly improved life experience.”

It certainly is a fascinating treatment and Dr Lewis gets visually excited talking about the natural properties allowing the body to heal itself. Surecell’s websites contain lots of detailed information and many fascinating explainer videos showing the processes and other good stuff ( and which even has a Thai language version)

The Bio Scan is another interesting department acting as Dr Peter says as “a tool to assess probable risks and then allow for diagnosis and follow up tests if needed”.

Obviously it makes sense to address any potential problems sooner rather than later and you don’t even have to set aside days or weeks for treatment:

“Our Pratumnak medical center allows almost all processes to be done in-house (except for X-rays or MRI’s – we will add those facilities at a later stage – or complex blood tests which we send out to specialized laboratories. Your total time spend at our clinic will not be more then a couple of hours for most of our treatments. A general Check up will take no more then 15 min”

Surecell Pratumnak has 2 full-time doctors that are both extensively trained by Dr. Lewis, who visits the center at least once a month and specialist in various fields will be added in the very near future. The staff is extremely friendly. I am confident you will like your experience there as much as I did.