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Stay out of trouble and make sure you have a great lawyer in Thailand:

Like it or not, if you have lived in Thailand (especially in sin city Pattaya!) you know having a good trustworthy lawyer on quick-dial is always a great way to stay away from trouble. This week I got to see and talk to one of the city's most respected and successful law offices: Pattaya Solicitors DMC inter law.
For the past 10 years Pattaya solicitors have helped thousands of people with their legal issues in the Kingdom. DCM Inter law's head attorney, Khun Chantima Watcharapongwanith, explained to me it's their superior knowledge in Thai Law that helps them provide the level of service and satisfaction they do.
“'s their superior knowledge in Thai Law that helps them provide the level of service and satisfaction they do.”
As you can appreciate from the following list, DCM’s expertise does indeed spread across the board, making them a great asset in solving a wide range of legal problems, lets take a closer look at each of these areas of practice:
  • Visa & Immigration: Visas for Thailand range from the sixty-day tourist visa, the yearly Non-Immigrant visa, to permanent residency status. They can assist you in obtaining any of them


  • Work Permits: Get assistance obtaining all the right documentation delivered to the right person at the labor office. DMC will ensure getting your work permit is a smooth and easy procedure.


  • Criminal Law: Don't let a bad brush with the law ruin your stay in the Kingdom. Thai criminal law is nothing like what you would experience at home, Pattaya Solicitors can be your local expert and can assist in providing a speedy resolution to most problems.

  • Company Registration: DMC will provide complete company registration and maintenance services, don't risk getting lost in the many steps required to set up a limited Thai Company, their expert staff will do the hard work for you.


  • Will and Testament: Make sure that everything is nicely arranged and managed. Give yourself some peace of mind and allow DMC to assist you in drafting the perfect Last Will and testament.


  • Thai Property Law: Purchasing property in Thailand can be tricky, though technically foreigners are not allowed to own land, there are multiple ways . With Pattaya Solicitors’ help you can ensure the process is made as easy as possible.


  • Divorce & Family Law: Separation can be one of the most traumatic events in anyone's life. DCM's sole objective is to make the process as quick and painless as possible so all parties involved can move forward with their lives


  • Civil Law & Litigation: For any type of legal issue involving injury, negligence, fraud and damage compensation. The team of experts is well verse in dealing with all of the following cases:
            - Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
            - Property Damage
            - Medical Malpractice
            - Product Liability
            - Breach of Contract
            - Insurance
            - Commercial Disputes
            - Fraud
            - Intellectual Property
If you wish to contact Pattaya Solicitors DMC inter law, you can always approach them at their office which is conveniently located right behind Tukcom it-city. 
Contact information:
Address: 20/173 Moo 10 Soi Day-Night 2, South Pattaya Road, Pattaya 20150
Phone: +66 (38) 723-818 +66 (81) 838-3869