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Sensation Rise The White Party

by D-SQRD, DJMag

After a four year sabbatical (leave of absence), The White Party returns to The Land of Smiles to further enhance the caliber and status of the EDM scene here in Thailand.

Starting from very humble beginnings the world famous Sensation White Party began its life back in 2000. After the first edition, Miles Stutterheim, brother of Sensation founder, Duncan Stutterheim, and close friend of the Sensation crew died in a car accident. When the second edition was announced, as a kind of memorial to celebrate Miles’ life, visitors were informally asked to dress in white. With more than 80% of visitors adhering to the tribute, this marked the birth of the well-known Sensation dress code as we know it today. After such an amicable start, back in Ajax FC’s famed Amsterdam ArenA, the event has since traveled across 5 continents, been hosted in 36 countries and continues to unite Electronic Dance Music lovers around the globe, year after year.

This year’s event in BITEC is set to raise the roof as the indoor arena unfolds to allow for the largest fancy dress rave it has ever seen but sure not to be the last. We say fancy dress, as the dress code is all white and people tend to look rather dapper in white, regardless of the garbs they wear. The dress code, however, isn’t the only thing that is white, uh uh... The renowned and un-imitable MR White will be a major player at the event as he has been since 2009, bringing each and every event to life with his outlandish looks and stylish elegance on the decks.

Also showering the whitewash of people destined to attend the aptly themed Rise edition of Sensation’s White Party is a crew of House Heavies sure to take the intensely growing scene in the city to the next level. The who is who of the dance collective will be pleased to know that Whoisjody will be launching the night followed by Dirty South with a helping of some lyrical wizardry by none other than MC Gee build the night into an unforgettable one for all those lucky enough to grab the limited entrance tickets available.

And not to disappoint the home crowd either, Sensation have arranged for a few favorites here in Asia will continue to lift the vibe and have all those white booties bouncing with a helping of bass from KO:YU, Dannic and Sam Felt. Then top 20 DJ of DJ Mags Top 100 Dash Berlin will be bringing this housey hoedown to close seeing out the hardcore among you after a whole 8 hours of all things house.

It isn’t all about the music either, sponsor Heineken has a unique little trick up their sleeves also, just add a little extra flare to the night on the 29th. They will be showcasing their new Heineken® Star Hive concept which basically translates into some magic of their own as they offer you to charge your devices via “Star Hive Sound Recycle” - a system that converts the sound waves produced by the earth-shattering array of speakers into electricity - yes, you did read right, they convert the music of your favourite DJ’s into electricity for your mobi (just wish Moby was there - Moby charged my mobi…). Personally gotta have me some of that and if that was enough, for all of you with deep enough pockets, the Platinum Decks get some personal styling before the event by the team from Smileclub Thailand - so you don’t even have to think a single out of place hair, just rock up in those whites and the artisans will do the rest - nice touch.

For more info and where to grab your tickets from check out website below and we’ll see you on the whiter side of life.