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School's In - February 2013


National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day was officially Saturday 12 January this year. It is currently celebrated on the second Saturday in January, and has been since 1963. The day used to be celebrated in October from its inauguration in 1955, prior to the change eight years later.


As an aside, Thai Post released the longest stamp they have ever produced: 124mm. What’s that got to do with Children’s Day or schools you ask? Well, the stamp features 20 cartoon-like sketches of children all dressed in national costume and lined up under the 10 flags of the ASEAN member nations.


As might be expected, many schools held special functions for parents and students on the Friday prior, and among these was the Aksorn School, off Thepprasit Road, south Pattaya.


While a stage was set up for the kindergarten children to perform a variety of acts featuring music (and yes, the You Tube phenomenon ‘Gangnam Style’ was played), among the questions asked by the teachers of various young students was ‘name a country in ASEAN’. The five and six year-olds did pretty well at identifying the member nations (something a lot of adults would probably struggle to get 100 percent on), and even when they missed the mark they were at least regional: with answers like China, Japan, and Hong Kong being wrong, but not so far away, at least geographically.


Susanna’s the Best in Thailand!

GIS’s Year 11 student Susanna Harms has been to Bangkok to collect a top award from Cambridge.


Susanna passed her IGCSE in German and gained such a good score she was given an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for her performance in the June 2012 exam.


Her score was the best in Thailand for IGCSE German.


Susanna was presented with her High Achievement award at a special ceremony at the Anglo-Singapore International School in Bangkok. The prestigious awards are recognised by employers and universities around the world as proof of academic excellence.


Grand Palace school trip

Year 9 students from GIS enjoyed a school trip to see the Emerald Buddha at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. They had been studying Thai myths, so the chance to see the palace and its decorated walls that depict local legends was a great chance to understand more about these stories.


Are You a Third Culture Kid?

Where are you from?


It's a simple question for most people to answer, but if you go to an international school it can be tricky to know the answer.


Many students, parents and teachers have lived in a variety of countries and been exposed to many different cultures, so knowing where 'home' is can be a dilemma.


To help understand the challenges and rewards of living in different countries, Mr Michael and Ms Claire from Primary gave a fascinating talk on being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in the Primary Hall.


They highlighted several issues that can arise for TCKs, such as the problems with fitting in to a new culture, having to make new friends and not knowing their own identity. They also highlighted some of the many rewards of being a TCK, such as being more open-minded, being reflective thinkers and being able to adapt more quickly.


Mr Michael and Ms Claire also offered some useful tips for parents of TCKs. These included:

  • Try not to mix your languages - be a good speech and language model in your home language. If parents speak more than one language, it's suggested that each speaks one language to their child. For example, the mother speaks only Thai and the father speaks only English to their children.

  • Read stories and share books

  • Encourage curiosity about the world

  • Priority should be placed on communication - don't rely on the TV too much: you can’t communicate with a television.

  • Have conversations about daily life – develop vocabulary in context.