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There are just so many stray dogs in Thailand and Pattaya is no exception. According to Pattaya City Hall there are over 10 000 stray dogs here with more arriving every day as most of them will breed twice a year if not sterilized.  
make sure your dogs have all been vaccinated before you walk them 
Many stray dogs are sick with diseases such as Distemper and Parvo virus so make sure your dogs have all been vaccinated before you walk them. Distemper is spread by the wind or breathing, so only a sniff can infect you dog if it is not vaccinated and there is no real cure for both these diseases - you can only hope and pray. 
There are many great charities helping with stray animals such as:
FACEBOOK Goh-m Buddhabless
(Telephone M Buddha Bless 083-990-3444)
Often they find that they can re-house pedigree dogs pretty quickly as people like to pick up a pedigree dog for free but of course the stray mongrels are harder to find homes for. Unfortunately  when people suffer from economic hardship they “opt out” of looking after their pets and leave them around Pattaya for someone else to “take care of”  Or the dogs are just old and sick and the owner does not want to pay the bills - rather preferring to get a new dog.  It’s like getting a new car and much more fun to play with - why care about the old one?
However a new animal law that most people do not know of but is soon to be enforced, carries a sentence of  2 years in prison and/or a 20,000 thb fine for dumping a pet -  and the same goes for any other animal cruelty against pets. Pattaya Animal Coalition is working with Watchdog Thailand on Eastern Seaboard to catch and bring to justice a few cases per month of people abusing dogs. Also Pattaya Animal Coalition is  helping around 1500 dogs and cats in two different shelters on the outskirts of Pattaya, but please do not contact them to take in any more as they have no space left. Often Pattaya City police catch dogs and bring them to the shelters  but in future the goal would be to have them neutered  and spayed to avoid further animal  suffering.   
A call for action is needed to spay and neuter dogs and cats in your area.and  PAC have a special offer via Doctor Jah Clinic on Siam Country Club 
Anyone who wants to spay and neuter their dogs and cats can do it for a fix price of 2000 thb by mentioning PAC PATTAYA TRADER 
Anyone who wants to spay and neuter a dog or  cat can do it for a fix price of 2000 thb by mentioning PAC PATTAYA TRADER However please ensure that you are able to touch the animal so that it can be safely brought to the vet. The clinic can also pick up a dog or cat anywhere in the Greater Pattaya area  for a very small fee. 
The 2000 thb price includes the cost of  sterilisation, the vet’s treatment and a stay in the clinic for the animal for 8 days recovery .To bring an animal in for this procedure please make sure that it has been fully vaccinated and is healthy because animals can often get sick when being brought into a strange environment. Also please, no pregnant animals - no clinic in Thailand will allow for sterilisation of a pregnant animal..