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Rodney Charman – The New President of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

On the 25th June at the Rotarians favourite meeting place the Siam Bayshore Resort, one very popular Man of Pattaya – our own Rodney James Charman (often a contributor of photographs to Pattaya Trader) a was installed as the new president of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard taking on the mantle from the previous president Russell Iffland.
A packed room comprising of the District Governor, Assistant District Governor, Past and Current Presidents, Rotarians and a host of Rodney’s friends (many attending a Rotary function for the first time) were all there to support him. In fact we were told that the number of guests had exceeded the original room planned for the event and even with this advjustment the evening was completely “Sold out”!
Certainly the club’s motto “Beyond Frontiers” was exemplified by the many nationalities present in the room, not just Thai and British but Australian, German, French, Swiss, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian,  
At my table was seated the very charming Dr Otmar Deter, Rotary President of Dolphin Pattaya International Thailand District and his equally charming wife Dr Margret Deter. They kindly explained to this uninitiated party, the importance of the different Rotarian neckwear, namely that current Presidents carry the Yellow and Blue colours (the yellow in deference to the King of Thailand) and the Past Presidents plain blue – Rotarian Members have a rather “natty” logo with laces affair rather reminiscent of a cowboy's neck tie. They all certainly looked very smart !
The Rotary Club a world wide organisation carries out tremendous charitable work such as the supply of vaccines in an aim to eradicate polo world wide and the providing of water filtration systems. Closer to home Rodney – known for his tremendous networking capabilities and constant desire to do good work pledged to serve his term as a good ambassador for the club also working with local charities such as TFI and the Ladyboy Volleyball team – of course!
Certainly he has chosen a very strong team to work alongside him including treasurer Brian Alexander and previous presidents Carl Dyson and Russell Iffland.
We at Pattaya Trader wish you and your team every Rodney and look forward to receiving many more of your photographs and hearing about all your good work in the coming year.
For further information on The Rotary club please see their website: