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Quick ideas to brighten up any outdoor space.

by Virginia Ewart-James

The majority of condominiums and apartments come with a bit of outdoors space, whether that is a balcony or terrace. Make the most of this extra space and turn it into a usable extra addition to your home following these five ways to brighten up your outdoor space.

1. Green fingers

Add greenery whether that is plants or shrubs and make your outside space a true urban jungle. Head to the plant section of some of the supermarkets sell plants by the dozen to create your own urban oasis, which you can even enjoy looking at from the comfort of your sofa.

2. Furniture 

Depending on how much space you have to play with add a bench, or table and chairs. Make it the place you want to wind down in. If you are particularly spoilt with space then an oyster may be for you, but if it is really limited consider a few floor cushions that you are happy to face the elements. You can still make it comfortable with very little effort.

3. Cheat 
Not feeling at one with nature? No problem, grab some fake grass and lay it down on your balcony. Coming in a variety of qualities, the more expensive varieties resemble grass akin to that of Wembley! This outdoor carpet is easy to maintain and instantly transforms the space. Add some bamboo fencing around the wall of your terrace to make it even feel more like the real thing.

4. Decorate 
Invest in some lighting, add a mirror to generate that feeling of more space or add some outdoor ornaments. Even a colourful gardening can will brighten up the space. It does not take much to create a whole new feel to your new space. Candles are a good alternative should you not have access to power outside, and if your outdoor space is sheltered from the rain you could even consider some artwork. 

5. Think up! 
Create your own vertical garden by planting gardens up a wall. Use plant pots specifically for this purpose or recycle your jars. There are some clever ideas out there for you to utilise but head to the Internet should you be lacking inspiration. 

Follow these tips to brighten up your outdoors space and to discover that you don’t need to have the space of a Botanical Garden to create your own slice of paradise!