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Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets - School Travel Manager

A brand new software system has been released, and the Pattaya Trader were the first media partner to be contacted with the hot news.

When sending your precious charges out of the house and off to school, as parents you have to rely heavily on the school to look after and protect your children. Inside the school grounds this is relatively straightforward but are you satisfied with the way your children are protected whilst in transit, either to and from school, or on the many school trips and outings?

Help is now at hand with a new passenger and transport tracking system available. School Travel Manager incorporates groundbreaking new software and features more tools and applications than any other transport managing system currently available today. The CEO of School Travel Manager, Mr Mark Bond (recently returned from the Asian Schools Institute for Safety and Security conference in Singapore where he was a keynote speaker), told us all about this new system::

Designed and developed specifically with school children in mind, the School Travel Manager gives parents and teachers real time information on exactly where and when their child is at any given moment whilst they are in transit. School Travel Manager does not simply monitor the vehicles in use but also the individual children themselves. Utilising an advanced swipe card system both parents and school administrators can know the precise location of the school buses and the child passengers. It also gives real time information as to when and where each child has boarded and alighted and allows the school to relay messages to both drivers and parents should there be any change to schedules.

School Travel Manager not only protects children, it provides security for schools by supplying and reporting on all regulatory information. It can report back that the driver has followed every instruction issued, by giving both true, real time and historical data. .

The School Travel Manager organisation is based in Thailand in a company that has over forty-five full time employees of which 20 are international. The current operation covers the UK, Australasia, South Africa and the United States. STM is also part of a Thai Board of Investment company that has a flagship product- “eCoachManager” utilised by coach companies worldwide.

School Travel Manager is truly a new,innovative system that will change the way that children travel for ever more. Mr Bond concluded by saying, “The only reason that this advanced system has not been utilised before is that it has not previously been available. Why put your children’s safety at risk? especially when there is a solution”.

School Travel Manager is the solution and is available today - not only will it protect your child, it will give schools protection from any unsavory recriminations.

If you wish to find out more about School Travel Manager contact:

: +66(0)33 005 937, +66(0)88 804 5840 (mobile)

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