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Pattaya’s beachside property.

By Belinda Wilson

As Pattaya sits on the coast this resort city will always draw buyers wishing to purchase beachside property. However this market segment may only include a small part of the overall property market as it just comprises the thin strip of land next to the coastline proper. There may be plenty of properties away from the beach that boast sea views but these are distinct from beachside properties, which are firmly positioned within walking distance to the sand and the sea.

Pattaya has a long stretch of coastline from Naklua in the north, through the North and South beaches of Pattaya city centre and then on to the long wide bay of Jomtien, which stretches almost twice as far as the other areas combined. It is in the latter stretch that you may find properties still at low prices since the area suffered quite heavily after the 1997 financial crisis. Yet in recent years there is precious little development or redevelopment land available with large companies coming from Bangkok placing their mark on ever-dwindling land supply in the area. Far greater choice is afforded further along in the Najomtien region.

Given that there is no expansion possible to the land that remains on Jomtien beach, it would appear that the market in the area is distinct to the market along the more inland Jomtien second road. That’s because the people who cannot afford an actual beachside property have plenty of choice just a 10 minute walk back towards Jomtien second road where there is fierce competition amongst developers. . Beachside living certainly has value and this is reflected in the price differences of the two provinces. The area of Jomtien beach closest to Pattaya mainly has hotels dotted along the beach road. Condos close to these hotels are commanding the higher premiums.

The umbrella regulations implemented at the beginning of last year were designed to free up 3.4km or the 5.9km stretch of Jomtien beach with ruling stating that for every 100 metres of beach umbrellas there should be at least 10 metres of “open beach”. This to allow more beach for the umbrella shunning public and afford a more open view of the coastline.Official policy from the Banglamung District also declared that vendors were to only occupy 50 percent or less of the seaside and only operate from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm. Each plot supposed to be 7 meters wide and restricted to 40 lounge chairs and 35 umbrellas. Undoubtedly these measures along with the repaving of the promenade area by Dongtan beach has made a big improvement to the general vista.

However in order to really profit from the coastline ideal improvement to the quality and colour of the sea along the coast is desperately needed. Even so this has not put off developers constructing large condo developments further along the Jomtien beach coastline and up along Na jomtien, such as Cetus, Reflection and Waters Edge.

Elsewhere in the resort city, look to pay top dollar for beachside property in Pattaya city centre itself. Since much of the southern central Pattaya beachside area is home to commercial places and hotels, it is the northern areas where you will need to look for condos. The Northern areas do have some prime real estate located right on the beach. Expect to pay double the prices or more than you might pay in Jomtien because the area is very sought after and is exceptionally small when considering that it covers just a few sois. Hotels such as the Amari, Holiday inn and Dusit Resort are also located in the north central beach area giving the place an upscale stamp. The outlook for the area remains positive since there simply is no room to build any more projects, with developers opting instead to build on the other side of second road and even as far inland as the Pattaya third road.

In Naklua a network of sois leads to various beachside communities that comprises a mixture of hotels and condos. These places have in the most part been more established than some of the newer developments in Jomtien but have held their price well. Although less expensive than properties in North central Pattaya, Naklua remains a sought after location and will likely continue to see price growth as it is nearer to Pattaya city than Jomtien is and is often considered an extension of the city centre as opposed to a separate district.

For those seeking an alternative, a look at Pratumnak Hill may be worthwhile. Here there are sois that lead down to the coast, but the steepness of the terrain means that it is not far to the beach even from the top of the hill. There has been a large amount of building in the area, yet still there are land plots available for building in the numerous sois that stretch from the top of the hill down to the various coastal traps. This area is near to Pattaya central also, and so in some ways resembles, at least from a perspective of relative distance, the Naklua area.

Undoubtedly the popularity for beachfront dwellings will see building development follow the coast lines both to the north and south of Pattaya. Already the relatively unspoilt area of Bang saray is becoming increasingly popular with the potential for coastline development curving its way right through towards Rayong where the water is bluer and the sand a little less coarse - for now anyway !