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Pattaya Trader Looks at Museums

Museums at Chrismas

The idea of going back to the UK for Christmas may be a daunting prospect. Financially draining and a climate to boot. However, there is one sure way of keeping your wallets and core temperatures happy – visit the numerous free exhibitions around London.

Tristan Hunt now director of the V&A and ex MP has made a pledge to ensure that the numerous museums around town like: The V&A, the Tate Modern and the National Gallery remain free.

Hunt has proposed that London have a ‘hotel tax’ similar to countries like France and Spain. Whereby tourists staying in hotels in the capital pay a tax which supplements the culture of the city, thereby insuring that London museums stay free for UK citizens.

Now how you feel about this proposal one way or another I’m not sure but for me, it just made me realise what a joy it is that these great features of the city are gratis – so make while the irons hot!

London is beyond question an expensive place to hang your hat and the museums offer a rest-bite from the cold and from the expense! Walking around the city you’re sure to find a number of exhibitions ranging from high culture to the bizarre!

If you find yourself doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the Oxford Street area why not pop in to the Halycon Gallery where they are currently exhibiting a number of drawings by the legendary Bob Dylan which has an extended run until the 30th of November.

Or if you’re more of a night owl but don’t fancy paying the exorbitant beer prices (Thailand has the edge there I’m sure you’d agree). Check in the local paper and see what museums are offering a free ‘late’ event. ‘Lates’ started at the National History Museum but the concept has now been taken on by the Tate Modern and Britain. Running intermittently throughout the Month at late events tourists can see the museum after hours, ensuring a reduction in the amount of school children and usually with alcoholic refreshments near to hand. I thoroughly recommend the National History Museum late, seeing Hope, the Blue Whale that has taken over from Dippy in the grand-foyer at the museum is a great spectacle!