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Pattaya Personality – Candyland

By Kevin Cain

If you are a frequent visitor to Thepprasit Road, then you might have noticed one of the most popular residents has been dispensing the finest candy for the last four years. Candyland is a confectionary sensation, that is the materialisation of owner Jan Kahl’s dreams. His candy shop is full to the brim with sweet temptations from all over the world, many of the brands are European and all the brands are quality made confectionary.

As soon as you open the door the most fantastic aroma will hit your nostrils, and that is even with the candy being stored in airtight glass containers. Jan Kahl, the genial owner of Candyland, was on hand to dispense his own brand of Danish wisdom in relating his story.

Jan was a frequent visitor to Thailand in the past, and on one particular occasion he was at the cinema and wanted to take some candy into watch the film. He was amazed that there was virtually no traditional candy available. Then one night back in Denmark whilst he was sleeping, Jan had an epiphany just like “Field of Dreams” that if he opened a candy shop, people would come.

A couple of years later Candyland opened in Pattaya, and just recently Candyland II opened its doors down in Trat. Jan frequently makes changes to his lines, and follows his customers advice on what candy is the most popular. At the moment Jellybeans are all the rave with the local Thai kids, whereas most farangs prefer liquorice or Wine Gums.Recently Jan introduced a range of what the Danish call Old Age ice cream, and at 10 baht a scoop it is amazing value. The choice of flavours include: chocolate chip, cookies & cream, ovaltine, rainbow, ruam mitr, taro and green tea.

Next week Jan will start dispensing freshly brewed coffee, and patrons can take their javas or ice creams and take a seat at one of the tables outside to enjoy. So why not bring your kids down for some pick ‘n’ mix, whilst you take a comfortable seat outside and have a delicious coffee. Jan keeps copies of all the recent Trader editions, so take some time out for a well deserved bit of cosseting, while your little cherubs fill their bags full of their favourite candy.Everything about Candyland is for the pleasure of the customers, and Jan and his team endeavor to deliver the most tasty confectionary with the friendliest service.

If you think that you have found the right location for a candy shop, why not contact Jan to discuss a franchise. In fact Jan imparted that he has a very interesting business proposal that has recently arisen and is looking for a forward thinking investor to share this great opportunity. Leaving this wonderland of candy pleasure, Jan was still effervescent on his ideas and future hopes for Candyland. Jan is a person who works hard for his business, he has bought a great deal of pleasure to the people of Pattaya and thoroughly deserves to be a Pattaya Trader Personality.