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Pattaya Attractions and What To Do With Your Kids This August

By Kevin Cain

It is that time of the year again; the schools holidays when bored kids can be seen shuffling around the house looking for entertainment. It is enough to drive any parent to distraction trying to find suitable things to do to keep their brood happy. However, one of the biggest benefits of living in Pattaya is that there are a number of great things to see and do. Most of these are outdoor events and will get your kids heads up from their tablets and smartphones for at least a couple of hours. The choice available is so varied that there is bound to be something of interest even for that most troublesome of child.

Ramayana Water Park

There are a couple of water parks in Pattaya but Ramayana is one of the biggest and best in the whole of Thailand. The vast park is situated near Silverlake Vineyard and the location is nothing short of spectacular, with the menacing mountains forming a superb backdrop.The great thing about taking your kids to a water park is that it is a full day’s entertainment and really safe. In the case of Ramayana, there are twenty one rides to experience, and some of them you will not see anywhere else in Thailand.

If you have young kids then Ramayana is also perfect, as there are two designated kids zones and plenty of smaller play pools so they can mess about in safety meeting new friends.

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Don’t let the ambiguous name of this attraction put you off. Pattaya Sheep Farm is not just a herd of sheep standing amongst some farm buildings. The Sheep Farm is basically an animal theme park with plenty of fun for the whole family.

Just a short fifteen minutes drive from Pattaya on Highway 7, Pattaya Sheep Farm is an 90 rai playground. Yes, as the name suggests there are over 100 sheep in attendance but also ponies, alpaca, sika deer, donkeys, miniature pigs, brahma cocks, rabbits, horse rides, animal shows and a new exotic bird show to mention just a few.

The Farm is laid out like a traditional theme park, with fairground stalls and rides, cartoon statues, a large boating lake, a ferris wheel, animal feeding and an excellent onsite Steak Restaurant. Pattaya Sheep Farm is an ideal venue for the whole family and a great way to introduce your little ones to animals they may have never seen before.

Art In Paradise

Our first indoor attraction, and it is definitely worth including in case the weather is a little inclement. Art in Paradise is an interactive art gallery which actually encourages visitors to climb amongst the exhibits.

At “Art In Paradise” you will not need to continuously scream at your junior to “Get off things” and “Behave”. The whole premise of this modern gallery is that you create your own photographic art by using the exhibits in your selfies.

By every exhibit is an explanation of how to pose with the art so you get the best effect in your snap. The gallery has designated zones: Aqua, Safari, Ayuttaya, Egypt to name just four, all offering thematic backdrops.“Art In Paradise” is a wonderful way to spend half a day, and you will come away some great photo’s that will definitely be a wow on Instagram and Facebook.

Pattaya Floating Market

Although Pattaya Floating Market is not a true “Floating Market” but a purposely built tourist attraction, it is definitely worth having a family outing to go and see.Apart from the plethora of small market stalls there are shows and rides to keep you occupied. The Floating Market is divided into the four parts of Thailand: south, north, central and northeast. And the items for sale represent local goods that are made regionally.

The food choices at the many eateries and stalls is varied to say the least, you can even buy regional delicacies from the boat vendors cooking on precarious stoves in rickety boats. Also the architecture reflects the four regions, with quaint wooden houses built in different styles and shapes and apart from them housing trading stalls there are assorted educational and entertainment attractions. Make sure you time your trip to catch one of the daily free shows as they are well worth seeing.

Koh Larn

What could be better than a family day out by the seaside? I know a few readers will be shaking their heads, muttering that Koh Larn is not strictly an attraction. But if it is not attraction, then what is it exactly? The hour long ferry ride to Coral Island will take you to an island paradise where the six sandy beaches are adorned by crystal clear azure water. It is quite amazing to see the water gradually change as the ferry moves away from Bali Hai pier, from a murky brown to a perfectly clear transparent greeny blue.

Life on the island is far removed from busy Pattaya, and if you decide to stay a night or two, then when the day tourists depart you will almost have the place to yourself.

There is not really any nightlife on Koh Larn but that is it’s beauty, families and visitors make their own entertainment which normally entails a BBQ at the guesthouse, featuring fabulous seafood freshly caught that day.

All these attractions are guaranteed to keep your kids happy during their school break. They range in price from moderate to completely free and offer different levels of fun for all ages.Living in Pattaya has it big advantages, and the outdoor attractions that are plentiful around the area are just waiting to be explored. So why not do something a little different this summer, think outside the box, and give your kids a real treat.