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More honey at the Inn

I first investigated Soi Honey Inn, running between Soi Buakow and Pattaya Second Road, back in 2004 and then again in 2008. It is very interesting to compare notes and see the changes that have taken place.

thai InnStarting in Soi Buakow it is easy to find Soi Honey Inn because it is next to the Siam Sawasdee Hotel which has just been repainted bright purple, the signature colour of all the hotels in the ‘Sawasdee’ chain. I think the owners must have got a bulk bargain at the ‘Great Bangkok Tacky Paint Sale’ some years ago. Like the other hotels in the neighbourhood, this is a budget hotel in a great central location for the holidaymaker interested in nightlife. None are five-star but neither will they break your budget.

From the long-standing Noi Beer Bar on the corner with Soi Buakow, Soi Honey Inn is narrow but the roadway is not potholed nor a major risk to life and limb as it was when I was first here in an investigative role back in 2004.

It is a street of massage parlours beginning with Paradise Massage and Up To You Massage on the left and Master Massage and Relaxing Massage on the right. It is also a breeding ground for beer bars and I noticed quite a few new ones have sprung up. Even those that have been operating for years seem to have had a facelift. Names such as Full Bar, Happy Valentine Bar, Friendly Bar, Love Friend Beer Bar, Jasmine Beer Bar, Malee Bar & Apartments, The Captain’s Bar & Guesthouse and Chill Out Guesthouse & Bar greet the visitor before reaching Honey Inn itself, the hotel after which the soi is named.

Across from Honey Inn, 24/7 Boutique Hotel is new and one of three new ‘boutique’ hotels that have sprung up in the last few years. The other two, Boss Boutique Hotel and H.Boutique Hotel, are equally impressive. In case you are wondering, as I did, what a ‘boutique hotel’ actually is, according to Wikipedia it is “a term popularized in North America and the United Kingdom to describe hotels which have typically between 10 and 100 rooms and often contain luxury facilities in unique or intimate settings with full service accommodations.” Now we know. Harry’s Place Restaurant, Bar and Guesthouse, Yogi Bear Bar and Saffron Indian Restaurant are in the block across from the Family Mart, Honey 1 Body Massage and Honey Corner Food & Drinks. Next on the right is In Town Holiday Hotel followed by the Queen Vic Restaurant and Bar which has been a small slice of Britannia and a haven for homesick Pommies over many years. Sawasdee Sunshine Hotel on the left is another of the purple ‘Sawasdee’ chain. It is in desperate need of a paint job and my guess is that now they have finished painting the Siam Sawasdee Hotel they will use the leftover paint for this one.

The Scenery City Hotel apparently only opened for business on Valentine’s Day this year, making it the most recent addition to Soi Honey Inn. The popular Bay Breeze Hotel is next door and has been around for many years, leading some people to refer to the street as Soi Bay Breeze instead of Honey Inn.

Across the street, another Aussie bar, Rosco’s Sports Bar and Guesthouse, marks the end of the entertainment while the 7-Eleven on the corner with Second Road makes my day complete. Anxiety attack if I don’t pass at least one 7-Eleven.

In conclusion, if you ever feel unloved, unappreciated or perhaps not a sexy man any more, take a late afternoon or evening stroll down this soi and your self-doubts will be erased. In my case, I discovered there were plenty of ladies lounging outside bars and massage parlours pleading to take away my stress, worries, aches, pains and money. Join me next month to find out what’s Up Another Soi.