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International School children cleaning Cosy Beach

By Green Pattaya

The organization Green Pattaya is working hard on cleaning the beaches around our city. It is hot work in the sun and the garbage piles seem to be washing up in an endless, constant stream. On a day in November 25 school children and members of Rotary collected 25 bags of rubbish in only four hours

In November 25 students from the International School of the Eastern Seaboard Thailand met up with the Green Pattaya volunteers and Rotary members to once again clean the cosy beach area. The plan was to get only small things but sadly the state of the beach and the sea was really bad and required everybody to do their very best for four hours. The sea was full of black residue maybe from the Loy Kratongs the day before but also plastic and other trash.

The three boats have been reduced to two boats due to the owner put one on fire after City Hall officials warned her about the boats. The people around cosy beach have stopped using the area as a garbage dump but there was still plastic buried in the mud from the grey waterfall.
For the first time ever we saw a family using the area for sunbathing so we are working in the right direction. When the rain stops Green Pattaya will schedule another cleaning and clean the area up and hopefully the boats will be gone at that time.

The students were very active removing large chunks of burnt boat parts and they also collected 25 bags of rubbish. Due to other engagements City Hall could not come but they came after to pick up all the garbage bags. The International School of the Eastern Seaboard Thailand enjoyed the day out and a new cleaning is planned for January 2015.