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Gone Shopping!


This month I want to take a “time out” after writing 11 columns about the Real Estate Market, construction and how to find the best properties. Let's assume you just bought a nice new home in Pattaya, moved to Thailand and after all that hassle and stress you got a few days to enjoy your life and you decide to

spend 3 days in Bangkok...

.and ofcourse, shopping and dining are things Bangkok is famous for. As Bangkok just got a new and fancy mall, the ICONSIAM, we thought that would be the place to explore and to make things convenient we stayed just across the river in Bangkok's most famous hotel, the Mandarin Oriental!

THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL incorporates one of only 3 restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars, Le Normandie, and the famous Bamboo Bar, originated in 1953 and since then the place for jazz lovers and cocktail enthusiasts. However before you start your nightlife with drinks and music you can enjoy afternoon tea at the Author's Lounge, the famous tea room in the only remaining building of the original hotel founded in 1887.

To avoid the traffic you cross the river on board one of the hotel’s' wooden barges that depart several times per hour.

ICONSIAM...hmmmm. We had been looking at this new flagship mall from our hotel balcony for hours before we went on our shopping trip and were not impressed by the design but it was a completely different story as soon as we entered the building: a photographer's dream, spacious with lots of design features.

If you like (and buy....) brand names, this is the place to go, from Versace, Chanel etc. to Louis Vuitton although you will not miss out on H&M and 7/11 as well! And it is huge so you need to plan for several visits to see it all and don’t forget to check out all the restaurants and coffee shops as well.

Happy Christmas and here’s hoping the New Year gives you an opportunity of taking a few days out.