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How to get A Driving Licence in Thailand

What you will need when applying for your Thai Driver’s licence:


If you cannot read or understand the Thai language, you are allowed to bring a interpreter with you to help fill the forms and give translation if necessary in the instruction class and with the tests.

Valid Passport with Valid Non-immigrant Visa
Signed copies of the passport's first page, the page with the current non-immigrant visa, the page with the last entry stamp and the TM-card.

A certified letter of address

From the applicant's embassy, or the Immigration Bureau (document cannot be older than 30 days).If you are working in Thailand: the blue workbook, better known as your work permit, can replace either of these documents and serve as address verification!

A doctor's certificate

Stating that the applicant is in good health, both physically and mentally (standard forms are available from most clinics and should not be more than 30 days old)

2 photos,

1” x 1” and not older than 6 months (photo service is available on the premises).

Valid international driver's licence

Plus signed photocopy or a translated regular driving licence from the applicant's home country, certified by Embassy or consulate. (if available).

Note that 1 set of these documents is required per licence application. However, when applying for both a car and a motorcycle licence, an extra copy of the doctor's certificate and the letter of address will suffice for the second application.

Getting a Thai driving license is not difficult. When you see how many Thai drivers are, you may even wish they made it more difficult. However after moving to Thailand it’s very important that you do get one. Traffic police routinely set up roadblocks to stop motorists and check if they’ve got their licence and vehicle tax in order. Having a Thai driving licence in this situation will mean that you’re back on your way in under 30 seconds.

You can use an International Driving Permit as a tourist, but if you’ve been in the country for 60 days or more then you are supposed to get a Thai driving licence. Having a valid driving licence from your home country will make the process of getting a Thai driving licence faster. With a valid licence you won’t be required to take the theory or practical (driving) exams.

If you wish to be able to drive both cars and motorcycles in Thailand, then you’ll have to apply for 2 separate driving permits and be issued with 2 different cards but you can get both done during the same visit (or series of visits) to the Land Transportation Office. If your home country driving licence is only valid for automobiles then you will still have to take the written and driving tests to get your Thai motorcycle driving licence.

If it your first time getting a Thai driving licence, you’ll be issued with a temporary permit valid for 2 years. When the first 2 years are nearly up, you should make another trip to the Department of Land Transport and get a regular license which is valid for 5 years. A Thai driving licence is theoretically valid in all 10 ASEAN member nations of Southeast Asia. It can also be used as a valid form of identification inside Thailand. For example, you can use a Thai driving license to board a domestic flight instead of using your passport.


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