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Handy Tips For Everyday Energy Conservation

By Kevin Cain

Saving energy and the conservation of our fair planet is at last getting the popular recognition across the globe that is desperately needed. We are all aware of the damage that the burning of fossil fuels does to the environment but perhaps not everybody is aware of the small things each and every one of us can do to also contribute.

  • Getting Around

Going to work or shopping consider your transport option. Always try to walk whenever possible and if not ride a bicycle, these two suggestions also have the added benefit of keeping you healthy. Failing this use public transport or get together with your neighbours and friends and consider a car pool. Every gallon of petrol you save avoids 22 pounds of CO2 emissions.

  • Look After Your Waste and Recycle

Next time you pop to the shops for your groceries try to reduce the amount of waste you produce by using reusable bags and buying minimally packaged goods.

For every pound of waste you eliminate or recycle you save energy and reduce emissions of CO2 by at least 1 pound. If you can cut down on the amount of waste you produce a week by half it will save in excess 1,000 pounds of CO2 per year.

  • Home Appliances

Consider your energy use at home. A good place to start is with the things that you use daily such as home appliances. Turn your refrigerator down and check the seals and gaskets around doors are clean and seal tightly.

Ensure your washing machine is set to cool or warm, switching from hot to warm for two loads per week can save nearly 500 pounds of CO2 a year and if you have a dishwasher make sure it has a full load when you use it..

  • Air conditioning

Overheating or over cooling rooms can be a complete waste of energy. In Thailand there will be more reason to cool rooms than heat them and air conditioning can account for a high proportion of your overall energy usage. This can easily be checked. Simply look at the cost of your electricity in the warmest months : April and May, as compared to the cooler months of say December and January and you will see how much you save simply from not having used your air conditioning units so much.

Also with air conditioning units it is imperative that air filters are regularly cleaned so the unit does not overwork trying to draw air through dirty filters. Cleaning dirty filters can save 5% of energy used.

  • Cheap Investments

There are widely available items that are relatively cheap and will make a considerable difference to your energy use and electricity bills.

Use energy efficient light bulbs, insulate boilers, use low-flow shower heads, seal your domicile with caulk and weather stripping, plant shade trees, insulate walls and ceilings with recycled materials…….. the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is that by utilising these practical tips you are not just helping the planet, you will see a dramatic reduction in your fuel bills.

So it is a win win situation being an Eco Warrior.