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hanf in hand pattaya pool day with the kids 
Who is the Hand in Hand Organization?

Hand to Hand home is an organization helping to ensure children in Pattaya have access to three basic needs, shelter, food, and education. The vision for the organization began when Maggie worked for an orphanage and she met parents that were tearfully dropping their children off to be cared for when they could no longer provide them with their most basic of needs. Maggie asked the parents, “If we could help provide you with shelter, food, and education would you keep your child?” Parents answered with a resounding yes and the idea for Hand to Hand home was born.

How does hanf in hand Pattaya help children? 


Hand to Hand home is an alternative solution available for parents and caregivers who work or go to school full time and still have challenges meeting the needs of their children. One young mother of two is attending a university full time while her children are cared for daily by the staff at Hand to Hand. When she is not going to school you will find her at Hand to Hand assisting in the care of other children whose parents are at school or work. She gives back to the very organization that has given her a chance to keep her family together while striving for a better life.


Scholarships for school are available for children in need of an education. Funds are raised through direct donation, sponsorship, and weekly mini golf tournaments held every Tuesday at Pattaya Mini Golf. Cost to play is 400 baht, 200 baht to play and 200 baht donation, and tee time is 13:00. Wednesdays following the fundraising donation items are purchased from Makro for the families. On one memorable shopping trip where Maggie was accompanied by an eight year old child she asked him what he would like to buy, his response, “I would like a toaster for my family that way we can all have toast every day.” The selflessness of this child is heartwarming.


Do you want to help children in Pattaya? 

hand in hand organization pattaya day at the pool


It takes a village to raise a child and no one understands that as well as Hand to Hand and the families they are helping. Community, educators, volunteers, family members, and sponsors from abroad all help to provide the most basic of needs for children whose parents are working diligently to help themselves. Hand to Hand home provides hope for many families at a time when they believed all hope was lost.


Hand to Hand home celebrated the grand opening of their new facility on 9 December, 2014. The location is on Soi Kophai 10, which connects South and Thepprasit roads in the heart of the slums. The new location has fenced in play areas, a large living room down stairs for the nursery children and a more formal classroom environment for the older children. Please see Hand in Hand website for a detailed location map and information on how to donate or sponsor a child.


The Ride for Peace put on by the Burapa Bike Festival donated some of the profits to assist Hand to Hand home and the children they care for.


hand in hand day out with the children in Pattaya