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Halloween is coming!

Halloween Pattaya 2014For those who never know how to dress up for Halloween, and for those who receive a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party, there are some simple ideas that will allow you to build scary, witty and funny costumes.
Do you want to look like the terrible ghost? 
It’s not difficult. Put on a white, long dress (or use bedsheet) and wear a long black wig (the color of wig depend on your idea and the kind of ghost you want to look like, also you can use hairspray to make some irregular hair clumps, you’ll look creepier). For the makeup, use white, green and gray, and add a touch of black lipstick and colored contact lenses. The wig should cover your face almost completely, just make sure you are able to see.
The Killer-doll
You can use any kind of clothes you want (remember Chucky? or Rag doll?) - you can choose any personage. Also, use the accessories like wig, colored contact lenses, artificial weapon - you have to look like a doll, quite literally. The main part of this character is the makeup, it's really important: you need to have a doll's face. Ask your friend to help you, it’ll be fun and you’ll look so creepy… 
Remember that the makeup is very important when it comes to Halloween costumes. As a matter of fact, if your makeup well done, even the simplest costume will look fabulous. Try to trace, for instance, a few fake wrinkles on your face. Look in the mirror and find your natural wrinkles. Use pencils and foundation to underline them. Add a few stains using a dark lipstick, that will make your skin look older. And… what about a fake wart? Use a peppercorn, a drop of eyelash glue… and maybe add a few bristles, it will look amazing. Don't forget about scars and artificial blood - special Halloween greasepaint sets contain all necessary (you can buy it in any shopping mall or in The Party Shop near Big C on South Road). 
Or, if you and your friends are not so good in technics of makeup, you can ask for help of professional artists (practically every shop on the Artists' street between 2nd and 3rd road, closer to Pratumnak Hill and Thappraya Rd., can help you for a small fee)
In any case, let your imagination run and... wish you a Happy Halloween!