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Kent is your host at Hotel Danmark and you couldn’t be in better hands as he has worked in the Food and Drink industry for over 35 years even spending 14 years on cruise ships travelling between Denmark and the UK so of course his English is perfect. In fact he practically speaks every European language even teaching his wife a little Danish.

Which is useful as Hotel Danmark, Denmark or Danemark - depending on how your particular nationality likes to spell it, has a truly international clientele. Having been a well kept secret at the base of Soi Whitehouse just off Jomtien beach road for over 20 years now Americans, Canadians, Germans, Dutch and of course Scandinavians flock here for the excellent value breakfast buffet - there have even been a few curious Chinese diners.

Kent took over last year and immediately took command of their famous buffet breakfast tremendous value at only 190 baht.Served from 7:30 - 12;00 my advice is to come hungry as there really is such a great selection here you could quite easily call it brunch or lunch depending on the time you visit! Their secret ? Well Kent is not frightened of an early morning alarm call and is up at 5 a.m. to ensure everything is fresh - nothing hanging over from the night before! Also his selection of staff and their training is essential he personally shows them how to prepare and serve “farang food” always on the lookout for friendly hard working staff who are prepared to look and listen. He instills in them the need to clean the tables as soon as there are plates to be cleared away and has also told them to be friendly and smile!

After breakfast there is lunch 1 until 3 sometimes by special request with a special menu and then dinner from 5 until 10 pm. Every Sunday there is a speciality dish of Danish pork “Flaeskesteg” which is extremely popular and I have to say I personally love the Danish produce he serves. The Danish blue cheese, Danish bread and unsurprisingly the bacon which is fantastic being crisp, streaky and freshly prepared,from the egg and bacon station.

For lovers of Thai food 2 soups are always available and a choice of curries. Then for the sweet toothed: Danish pastries, some very lovely little cream filled desserts and a Danish speciality of rice and milk with Almond oil. Even the coffee is Scandinavian the pickles pate and extensive selection of jams all homemade and these include mango,strawberry, pineapple and raspberry.

Should you decide to eat al fresco there is a lovely breeze direct from the sea that is funnelled down Soi Whitehouse to cool you, whilst inside a large area with plenty of seating just perfect for groups and clubs. The Norwegian club meet here and just starting now a Danish club that will hold regular meetings at Hotel Danmark on Thursdays between 14:00- 16:00 the first one (31st May) having a representative from the Danish Embassy on hand to help with questions and problems.

Groups of golfers also enjoy holding their pre and post tournament meals at Hotel Danmark. Kent has even organised his own tournaments in November and then January. Attended by 40 players there was even a celebrity Norwegian sporting hero Bjorn Wirkola - Olympic Ski jumper who became the World Champion in 1966 winning both the large and normal hill competitions. Now in his 70s he still creates quite a stir when he visits and takes part in the golf although he wouldn’t want to add the Hotel Danmark’ Jumbo to his trophies as this is the “prize” for the player who finishes in last place !

Hotel Danmark certainly is a great place to visit - they already have bookings for Christmas as they are known to prepare traditional specialities when pre ordered but any day they are a great to try.